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The 2021 People's Choice Drinks Awards

Unless I’ve completely lost my search mojo I’m surprised there’s so far no acknowledgement of TWS’s success in the “2021 People’s Choice Drinks Awards”. In particular the Online Retailer of the Year:

:champagne: :clap: :clinking_glasses:


More awards

Ah I missed that one. I only noticed this because of the email which I received yesterday! :rofl:


I’ve had a number of emails about these Awards.
The question that I always ask myself is whether participating company’s have to pay to enter, buy a big and expensive table at the Awards Ceremony etc.
Always “nice” to have, but I measure the Society by my recent experience.
DO THEY answer the phone quckly?
DO THEY respond to emails, in a timely fashion?
DO THEY stock the wines that I want to buy?
DO THEY offer cellarage at great rates?
ARE THEY trying to offer better services to Members, continually?
HAVE THEY the best interests of the members, as their default?
DID THEY shutdown the operation until they were confident that the employees health was protected, only THEN did they resume operations?
I can answer in the affirmative for all of those questions, so a bright and shiny award is not going to persuade me to stay.
WHAT WILL is whether I WILL be in with a shout, when Burlotto or Gonon or whatever is offered to Members, as should we all. :+1: :dragon:


Arguably an additional criterion for 2020 should have been, Did it stay open for on line orders all year?

Info about this award was in an email I received from TWS.

Congrats to TWS…

But, what is ‘The People’s Choice Award’. I’m people and I’ve not been asked my choice…


And maybe I should have APPLAUDED their efforts to put the Society’s employees health ahead of any other criterion. :clap: :+1: :dragon:


And arguably I would award that award to those that did close to ensure everything was safe for their staff. Far more important than supplying me with alcohol.


Sorted!! :clap: :+1: :dragon:

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