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Thalabert thoughts



I feel like this deserves its own topic.

The 175 bottles I currently have were not bought for sitting around, so time to plan some drinking! Perhaps other fans can post their notes and thoughts when they try theirs, too. We might even manage a guerilla-style tasting at some point.

I keep meaning to organise some kind of tasting for all the vintages I have, but not sure that will ever happen, so while I wait it’s time to pull a few of the more recent ones out and crack on with them. Due to members’ reserves rules I need to get minimum 3 of each at a time, so I’m thinking I’ll start with 2 cases containing 05-12 inclusive. A fun winter awaits.

Quick question for those in the know - part of my reluctance to draw them out in this way is that I don’t know whether they come in OWCs or not. The two cases I have at home (99 and 03) are both in cardboard and come in 12s. Does anyone know if they changed to OWC with the new owners (or when they started selling in 6s in 2006)?

I also can’t remember when they changed to the new label. which in itself deserves a poll:

  • The new blue label rocks!
  • Tradition is best! Red red red!

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My 2013s (6) came in a cardboard box.


I would have thought most Rhones at the Croze-Hermitage level (St Joseph, Cornas etc) would be in cardboard. The pricier stuff Hermitage etc might be in wood.


Cornas is hardly at Crozes level anymore!


That’s a debate in itself! I was more thinking in the packaging stakes. Personally I rack out all my wines once cellared as I have not and will never purchase for investment, which is the main reason wooden boxes are so popular. I got over them years ago.


I’m sure you’ve covered this before @tom, but what drew you in to Thalabert?


It was a bin end in the showroom. I can’t find the exact wines because it seems they were put on my dad’s share as we were there together, but I remember spending £50 - two £20 bottles (a gevrey and a bordeaux - I have the notes somewhere) and the Thalabert was £10, with a dirty label. Either 89 or 88 i can’t recall. This was probably around Christmas 2004/5, and I took the Thalabert to a houseparty for NYE with lots of ex-Vinopolis colleagues.

Well, it blew me away on opening and I refused to share it - basically stayed in the kitchen and drank most of the bottle myself! I’m not sure I’d had that many Rhone wines with that kind of age on them and it tasted so incredibly fresh, with jammy fruit and brambly spice, amazing perfume and deep colour, and I felt it could go on for a decade or some more. So I thought it was an absolute bargain and a revelation that there was wine to be had that could last and last and not break the bank. Which is kind of ironic as 175+ bottles kind of has broken the bank a bit but still.

I found a case of 2003 in auction a while later and it only confirmed my suspicions. My EP purchasing began in 2006 in order to secure some 2005s, so it’s all down to that little bin end :slight_smile:

But really I love the evolution of it, not limited to Thalabert but the rich fruit turning to meat and spice with age. It’s everything I love in Syrah.


I was in the Northern Rhone two weeks ago stocking up and most wines were in cardboard. To my surprise I picked up a couple of cases of Le Grand Courtil Blanc from Ferraton that I missed out on in the EP offer and they were in wooden cases.


I also had a similar experience with the old Thalabert (the 83 and the 90). Though I paid a lot more than a tenner for it :roll_eyes: I guess for me I’ve started to find more interest in other areas - eg Mencía, aglianico, blaufrankisch, fumin - as Rhone prices have started to go way out of my league.

Graillots Tandem from Morocco is an interesting take on Syrah if anyone hasn’t tried it. Very much in the Rhone style, and ages a bit too. Much better value these days than the likes of La Rosine, IMO.


I have a case of 6 from 2011 in OWC.


I think my case of 6 from 2009 came in OWC, but there’s been a lot of water under the bridge and wine drunk since then :rofl:


All my Bordeaux EPs came in wood all my Rhone EPs came in cardboard.


Hmm, maybe they experimented for a few years. Well, I don’t need 2 owcs from each vintage so I’ll make sure I leave 1x6 to draw out in full from those years :smiley:


I have never rated Domaine Thalabert as highly as the wines of Alain Graillot. It’s a shame that the WS only sells the impressive, if slightly quirky Graillot ‘Tandem’ from Morocco.


Wow! 175 bottles of one wine. That has drawn me out of my silence on this forum. :grin: I’m bewildered and jealous in equal measure. It’s a great experiment though. I’ll be keen to see what you think the optimum drinking age is.
I have a some 2015 in the cellar, and some 2017 EP awaiting delivery but I’ve yet to actually try the thing.
Currently very slowly making my way (one special ocasion at a time) through some 2012 Jaboulet Domaine de Roure Crozes which I absolutely adore.
I’d be keen to hear thoughts on how the two compare.


Yes, until your comment I’ve been the reverse, stunned into silence :speak_no_evil:

It has definitely piqued my curiosity, however. Though some way out of my normal drinking budget, I’m looking rather contemplatively at the 2013 and 2014s, available at the moment in both 1/2 and normal bottle size.

I know nothing about the vintages, but am considering picking up a couple of bottles of each size, but should I go for a 2013 and 2014 of each size or is one year considered to be superior?

Finally @Tom, am very curious to know if you picked up a Jeraboam of the 2013 while it was still available? Something like that can’t come around too frequently… If so, does it count as 4 bottles or just one amongst your 175?


They’re both fairly iffy vintages :smiley:


Good press review of the 2013. Jancis rarely overscores and that’s good enough for me.


That’s a mighty collection!
I first came across a 2006 Thalabert at Christmas 2014 and loved it.
The 2013 was my very first EP purchase, followed by 2015 and 2017.
I tried a 2013 earlier this year - and was very impressed. Might pick up a couple of the 2014 for comparison.


This is currently sitting next to my desk ready for a BYO dinner on monday night with colleagues at Hawkesmoor, for which I am providing the wine (and can confirm that it comes in a wooden case!):