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Terroir: vineyard simulating game


A little off topic, but I just read about this new wine game and thought it would be of interest. Having watched the trailer it looks like a fun little vineyard and winemaking simulator that on the surface as least has been well executed.

I think I’ll have a go with this next week when a little less busy as I think it could be a good learning tool giving decent grounding in lots of aspects of viticulture and vinification, plus of course I want to see how Château Fontaine performs.

Don’t know if we have many gamers on here at the moment?

Clever gift ideas for wine fans

Very interesting. Not sure I want to spend £11 on a whim (you can get a decent bottle of wine for that) but if someone else does, I’d be keen to know how good it is.

Would be fun to make it competitive too, … Like ‘Risk’ for wineries :wink:


Understandable, I’ll let you know how I get on with it. If I’m right it should be good for people getting started who want to learn more and also those who are doing some WSET qualifications.

Competitive I think would be great, you could spray pesticides on a rival’s organic vineyard, “accidentally” harvest their grapes, poison the vines at night…


Sounds like a nice little Christmas present for the wine-lover who you’re otherwise at a loss to buy for :slight_smile:


That is the spirit… :slight_smile: