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Terrific Rhone


I was going to say that expulsion would be the ultimate deterrent and they could always just give a warning on first occasion with expulsion on second offence.

I think @cerberus is right that they probably couldn’t take you to court but remember this is a cooperative society and if someone has broken society rules then the society is entitled to expel them.


@MikeFranklin I completely agree with you…wearing another ‘hat’ this would be described as a ‘Spirit of cricket’ offence…and we can still ‘do’ people for that in my league and most others.

I agree that it would be difficult to enforce legally in the sense of forcing them to pay back profits, but a lot easier to warn, and then expel. No doubt some heart rending stories will be produced as to why they had to sell these 3 cases of Hermitage at a 200% profit…

These guys (and gals!) are playing an arbitrage game but with the dice loaded in their favour, in that the market price is so clearly above the WS price in some cases. Arbitrageurs are not really required in a co-operative,

Rationing and expulsion! Let me fetch my black cap…


Either that or members of this community start running an ‘angel arbitrage’ scheme to pick up stock that is released below market and release it back to bona fide members at cost. But it would seem counterintuitive to need to establish a second co-operative in order to facilitate the co operative fulfilling its purpose.


A very altruistic thought…

I think that encouraging the WS to apply its own rules quite robustly would be a simpler and better solution.


I agree. And I am not about to launch such a scheme myself.


That sounds like the inquisition !!!


It would be interesting to know how often TWS has actually reprimanded members for this practice (flipping?) and what the sanctions have been. Would making some of this data in the monthly newsletter public or even publishing individual stories not be a deterrent? Prevention above detection…




Well, I half expected them…

Doh! :woman_facepalming:


Not the Spanish Inquisition !!!:innocent::nerd_face: