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Terrific Rhone


At that price I’d probably need to save some cash and drink it straight from the bottle.

Maybe if about 70 of us clubbed together we could afford half a glass each.:pound::pound::pound:


Getting back to the Benetiere, I was just informed by TWS that my order has been reduced to 3 bottles, which I am very happy with! To be honest, had there been an option to put three bottles in my reserves from the start, that would have been my preference anyway. I hope this means that the wine can be spread a little more broadly!



I am not sure what I should say.
Better to flag up to the Membership that there are “gems” available, rather than say nothing!?!
I am all for the Members getting their hands on these lovely wines rather than the unscrupulous trade raiding our stocks.
My advice, get torn in if you can.
And I applaud the Society and Marcel of course for giving us access!
“Feeding Frenzy” = Cash to the Society in a year when Bordeaux did not deliver as in 15/16!


I debated whether to flag this and in particular the fact many wines were under market but reasoned those using bots or scanning the website for professional purposes would get there pretty quickly whether I did so or not. Hopefully you and I served to level the playing field for the bona fide buy to drink members but it is hard to know who might be reading the community pages and to what end.


Can I ask how many people have plumped for any of the chave hermitage vintages, given the outrage at the swift sell out of the 2015?


I for one am very thankful that the two of you pointed out these wines. It will allow me to taste some interesting wines that I would not have spotted otherwise. In my book that is one of the things this community is for. So thank you both! And I promise, I will drink them all :wink:


It seems to me likely to be relatively trivial to program a script to pull new listings from the society website and check against producer names/market prices. If anything posts here reach an audience more likely to be appreciative drinkers, myself included.

Not sure what there is to be done about it short of following up on any suspicious wines that appear on broking lists shortly after an offer.


Very true, although “I have a wine daemon running in my study” sounds like a fascinating form of alcohol-related psychosis :computer::clinking_glasses:


@Taffy-on-Tour Thanks for the heads-up, some lovely wines in that offer! I’ve put in an order for post-holiday delivery, but just so happens my holiday also included a stop off in Tain L’ermitage and a bit of local shopping…

2012 Petit Chapelle and 2015 Maison Bleue was a really interesting tasting comparison of the two second Hermitage wines from PJA. 2012 is good now but will last a while yet, 2015 will be stashed away in the cave for many years yet!

Plus a Crozes Hermitage blanc Mule Blanche 2016 to fill up the last gap in the box.


Mule Blanche is delicious, I’ve had it in a mixed case from EP for a few years and next time will be getting a case.

I’d love to do a horizontal one day of Chapelle, Maison Bleue and Thalabert.


Check out Le Bateau Ivre if you’re still in Tain. Cracking little bar with a nice shop at the back


As a Rhone fan, I have read through this offer with interest and decided to try a Cote-Rotie to see if they were worth that bit extra - I’m normally a Gigondas chap. So I bought one bottle for quick delivery, thinking I could maybe add a case if it was okay. The bottle arrived today and I broke a rule about leaving opening it until tomorrow so that I could have a quick taste… well, what an amazing wine this is!

So fragrant without even decanting - utterly delicious, soft and smooth mouthfeel. Think a case is in order, the justification being today’s news about exchange rates… affordable for the last time this decade, methinks!



Well done Sir!!
Read up J L-L & Vinous.
J L-L very good review for 2009 bottle.
Vinous tasted a few vintages, post 2009, they scored around 92. The descriptions were good.
Jeb has not tasted!
So grasped the nettle and just ordered a 6 pack out of hours.
Got a confirmatory email.
So done and dusted!!!
Well done to Marcel for releasing these beauties.
I have bought so much of late, my debit card has almost melted.
Must take a holiday soon to reduce my expenditure.
Either that or make some more cash.
Thanks again!!
The “Horror Story” would be if he releases some wine that one "cannot walk past!"


I do hope you like it - one for drinking over the next year or so, I think.

Who needs savings anyway?

I agree - it’s a golden time for great wines, but the bank cards can only take so much!


This looks excellent value for a Cornas and gets pretty good reviews on Cellartracker. Any thoughts?


From Jancis Who scores it a 16 in 2012-

A slightly animal tang to the nose, as with their other Cornas. Soft, almost jammy black fruit and firm but rounded tannins. Bright, crisp finish. Just a little simple.


JLL Drinkrhone is very complementary in the description and the score, too.


J L-L gives 4.5* and drinking 2016.
Vinous says 91/100 and 2019. Josh is not extravagant with his marking, bordering on parsimonious!
Jeb Dunnuck likes Durand wines and marks this cuvee 92-93+ in 15 &16
I like to give Cornas plenty of time to minimise the tarry element.
It will be very good and has Marcel’s seal of approval.
I find the first bottle of a six bottle case, a bit of a sighter in that you judge where it is in your taste profile. If you know the Domaine, judging the broaching of the first bottle is easier.
12 bottle cases make the job a doddle but twice as expensive.


Ha, ha, that has sold it to me. I guess that comment is meant as a negative but I always rather like a bit of farmyard in my wines…


it was one of those I brought from the offer. Hoping a bottle is sitting at home now with the other deliveries (some in reserves).