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Terrific Rhone


Thanks for the heads up. And so disappears the £60 gain from only getting 3 Cayron Gigondas…


This reads like a gambling site thread all of a sudden… :wink:


Fortunately it’s a pretty safe bet I’m going to enjoy these wines and not regret spending my money on them!


Wow - what an impressive list of wines under this Rhone offer. As I kept scrolling down I couldn’t believe how good it got. Some of the more expensive wines (Guigal Cote Rotie etc) are still VGV. I have just bought a bottle of the Cayron Gigondas 2010. Want to try this as I went for the 2016 Cayron EP recently.


That is sick and twisted. I like it.


Maybe we should consider some kind of buddying system: like minded and budgeted society members agree to split between them whichever special offers they manage to leap on. Either TWS would need to help us split cases or pairs could use third party storage


I think you have to take full responsibility for this ‘feeding’ frenzy


I’m happy to be the third party and store the wine. I promise to look after it.


I’d be interested.


Don’t pick me - I’d be the slow buddy who never gets anything.

Oh no, flashback, it’s like picking teams in PE lessons all over again…


Do you have the product code for it? Can’t see it when looking through the offer.


Great tip. I’ve just put a case in reserves too. At roughly half the price of the 2015 (also listed) when you buy 6 it looks a bargain.


It’s disappeared! It was there showing as Out Of Stock but now it’s gone from the list altogether.

@Jcbl or @Tomitom might be able to give you the product code as they managed to get some.


RN-RH29911 is the product code for the Benetiere… just for the record I did not buy any, kept the product page open for some reason.


Thank you, although the wine is now out of stock it should still be showing on the web - have raised this as its best to show all of the wines even if they are out of stock so no-one is searching through the list to try and find a wine that isn’t there.


RH29911 which was listed with the same description and drink dates as on the 2010 EP offer.


You guys are killing me (or killing my wallet anyway)!

Cayron Gigondas and St Cosme Cote Rotie ordered. Payday looking a long way off, thank goodness the Gigondas was limited to 3 bottles :stuck_out_tongue:


I juts had an email offer (not from TWS) for the Chave Hermitage Rouge 2015.

£2,050 IB per 6 bottles.

I think that works out at roughly £75 per glass!


Chin-chin… … …


Add Jancis’s £35 wine glass, and you got a lovely £110 experience. :clinking_glasses: