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Terrific Rhone


The 2016 Gigondas Cayron has been vaunted as the best ever.
It was a must buy from the 2016 EP offer.
It is compared very favourably with the 2010, which has always had terrific reviews.
And that is now available from the WS cellars.
Marcel says in the notes that the Society was able to pick the best cask!!
This should be an absolute cracker, especially at £20/bottle!


Lots of releases this morning.
The 1990 Chave is up £100!
Fill yer boots!?!


Thanks for the heads up

The ‘high end Rhone’ offer that was mentioned after Chavegate appears to be in full swing. I would urge fellow community members with an interest in drinking some of these wines to have a look quickly as some will be in tiny quantities and are I think considerably below market value. Rather a lot has been released in one go.


Thanks for pointing this out! The Gigondas sounds great and I’m looking forward to it already. The 1990 Chave, I’m afraid, is not quite in my budget. Any other recommendations?


The 2010 Rostaing La Landonne should be stunning. 6 star wine according to JLL


For those who like an easy life…


Looks as though the offer is out:


I have picked up a case of the benetiere for the simple reason that it may be the only chance in a lifetime to get hold of it


I like that logic, Jcbl! Just managed to put one case of the Benetiere in my reserves. Seems to have sold out already. The stocks must be really low indeed on some of these wines.


Bloody annoying - no limit on the Benetiere here despite issues with the 2011! I have called to complain but told they’re not going to do anything. GRR…!


There are so many other wines on that list…


yes I missed it to. Around a 100 bottles only, so why no restriction?

Still other stuff to buy.


I would happily have accepted a restriction but needed to put it in reserves (not wanting to take delivery of complex and rare wine in a heatwave) so had to buy 6. It is perverse.


The Cayron Gigondas has now been restricted to 3 per member, which I’m happy with because I was still able to put them in reserves, and it stopped me spending more money I don’t have on more wine I don’t need.


“That looks rather nice, might have to grab half of dozen for reserves…”

[cooks meal for family, returns to laptop to place an order]



One that isn’t on the list or even on fine wine bin ends. As I have enjoyed others from St Cosme , tucked some into reserves.

Hmm, only just noticed larger saving on a case. £25 a bottle for Cote Rotie seems like a bargain.


Rang up and it is the OK price.
£23,67 per bottle when purchasing a six bottle case!!


I am grinding my teeth, but need to show restraint… there will be others. Also no Burlotto mixed case for me. Be strong…


Me too! What the hell, it’s a great price and can sit in reserves for a few years :+1:


Yes, exact same reason I had to buy 6 bottles of the Chave Hermitage 2015.