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Terrific Restaurant Wine Lists

You are right to use the pubs in Norfolk, there used to be a handful of decent restaurants, but most have gone, and those that are left such as Morston Hall have their own idiosyncrasies, the best chef I have come across is at the Neptune in Old Hunstanton, but it is sadly one of those decorated plate restaurants, very little to eat, but if you stay overnight the breakfast is superb, I would stay forego the evening meal and just have the breakfast!

Benedicts is given a lot of praise, but the reality it is more a Bistro, nothing wrong with bistros, but to me it is overrated and they can’t get you out of the door quick enough for the next seating, you know the sort of thing where the bill comes up before you have finished the meal.
Oh and don’t get taken in by the hugely popular Cookies Crab Shop in Salthouse, the food can be good, but the service is awful, the owner is rude, and it has strange seating arrangements that all must adhere to, how the owner hasn’t received a right hander is beyond me, he makes the late Peter Langham seem civilised.

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I’ll probably regret this but……

At the old bridge hotel in Huntingdon not only is the restaurant wine list pretty good but you can also drink anything from the wine shop list with a £15/ bottle surcharge

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The wine menu I remember was at The Aberdeen Barn, Raleigh, North Caroline. They had a standard one, which is available on the website, but if you showed any interest they brought the complete list which came in a ring binder about 3 inches deep. Even if you narrowed it down, e.g. red California, it took plenty long enough to read and even longer to make a choice.

We are shortly going to The Imperial in Gt Yarmouth for a few days and they have a decent list at decent prices. Steady turnover of wines as well so there’s always something new when you return.

Not a prize winning list, not worth a journey just for its list, but good to find decent and interesting wines when dining there.

Imperial Wine list (imperialhotel.co.uk)


I love Benedict’s, been going since it opened and was there last weekend. It is pricey but always found the food and service good. I tend to buy a bottle rather than go for the flight.

I actually think there’s loads of decent places in Norwich and always has been although they’ve changed a lot in the past 10 years. Woolf & Social is another favourite as is XO @ The Artichoke. Lots of pubs with above average food offerings in the city too these days.

Heading to Northcote for dine and stay restrictions permitting at the beginning of August. Gourmet menu for spring is here. I assume this will change to summer menu at some point.

The wine list is here

Looking for some help please. Is it better to go for a wine flight or select bottle/s of the list. Don’t mind paying for wine but I don’t want to be ripped off. TIA


I have no idea where your budget sits, so this is purely aspirational, but a Bruno Giacosa Asili for £200 is not actually that big a mark-up compared to some on that list.


That looks like one cracking Spring Gourmet Menu for the price.

And the Wine List is utterly breath taking!! :clap: :clap:
So many respected wines, it just goes on and on.
Rayas, Pegau and Du Colombier and the mark-ups are not OTT.
And the Charles Melton Rose which is sublime.

When I can, I will book an indulgent visit!!
The Maranges 2017 £73.50
Du Colombier Hermitage 2007 £156 Parker rated this at 95/100 in 2020 Bargain!!
For Aperitif go for the by the glass or halves.
I would choose my own, can you be surprised!! :rofl:
Thank you. :dragon:

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We Have lived in Norwich for 30 years. It is full of chains, but one of the best value family places to eat is the Castle Carvery at Bowthorpe. Plastic seats, £12 for top quality meat and a wonderfully rich pudding called “Chocolate lumpy bumpy.” It is so rich that it is a chest pain waiting to happen.
I cannot bear pubs.
Have tried Benedicts but prefer Hickmans.
There is a new place called Hexagone which I must try.
I have had very good foid at Benoli but their wine list is from Majestic. Very dull.

Hickmans is a huge improvement on Adlards that had a Michelin star for reasons that only Michelin could explain, the owner looked after his own crowd, and only came to our table after I ordered a decent bottle of wine which he insisted on pouring.
Wish he hadn’t as he suffered from appalling BO or lack of personal hygiene.
He appeared on a Gordon Ramsey program about how to sustain failing restaurants, needless to say it failed anyway, how that place ever got a Michelin star is a total mystery.

Yes I remember the programme. I have to say I found it odd that an experienced restraunteur had to be told the basics of costings. David did have a stroke in the kitchen and sadly was never quite the same afterwards.

L’Hexagon is nice but it’s quite a small operation. Think 3 starters, 3 mains. Steak Frites. Lovely owners.

Pretty much everyone I know who has eaten in Hickman’s who actually knows about food echo’s Jay Rayner’s review.

Please forgive me! It’s just a bugbear brought on by Gordon Ramsey possibly: the word is “restaurateur” (bloody French etc. but that’s how it goes; the restaurateur runs the restaurant)

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Thank you for your comments/suggestions.


You are very welcome. :+1:
It was such a pleasure to read such a well put together list, rather than be presented with interminable lists of the the usual suspects / great and the good.
I can only describe it (without intending offence) as the “Sophie’s Choice” of lists and that is my highest level of praise. :dragon:

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I see that passionate debate about local restaurants is alive and well in Norwich! I’m only ducking back in briefly to clarify that my earlier comments about pubs in Norfolk were relating only to the north of the county. I wouldn’t include Norwich as I have no idea what goes on there these days. Apologies, should have been more specific.

So far as Morston Hall goes, we did consider it, but I am currently at that stage in life where I don’t really need yet another 7-course tasting menu. If you enjoy that, I’m sure it’s lovely.


Having had a rather envy-inducing skim through the list I entirely agree with Taffy’s comments. A lovely list, not cheap but by no means outrageous mark-ups.

Tucked away at the back is a short but high quality selection of half bottles which might help with your dilemma @japcraw.

And some very good magnums if you want to go the other way…


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Today at Clocktower Castle carvery in Norwich. I eschewed the Yorkshire pudding ( a huge mountain peak of crispy carbohydrate) with my roast pork
Our daughter had the bannoffe waffle ice cream and toffee sauce, covered by a tsunami of whipped cream and soft scoop vanilla ice cream

The infamous chocolate lumpy bumpy has been replaced by a “choco challenge”


Helene Darroze a couple weeks ago, classic 100+ page wine Bible handed upon sitting down. Unfortunately whole pages where wines are four digits but a nice read nonetheless. Treated myself to a 2006 Tondonia Blanc (first taste)



I’ve come over all faint…

Not just at the thought of Yorkshire pudding with roast pork, but that you appear to be drinking water with your meal. In a thread about wine lists!


Ah, but it was sparkling.
The winelist was what you might call “succinct.”

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