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Terrific Restaurant Wine Lists

Any wine list that carries an 1893 Clos de Gamot has got to be worth a special journey :sunglasses:

(Admittedly, rarity comes at a price of £650, but you know…).


List No. 1186
Clos du Caillou “Le Bouquet de Garriques” 2016 £56
Cellartracker reads well

J L-L 4* Jeb 91/100 Parker 91/100

That’s me done!! :grinning: :dragon:


I love Cabotte, but mostly only if someone else is paying! Before I joined 67PM I used to enjoy going there for some cheese and a flight of Burgundies though. The food there is excellent.

The wine list at Hide is good and has surprisingly fair mark-ups (around 2x retail), or you can get wine from Hedonism for modest corkage. And again (although in a completely different style to Cabotte) the food is excellent.


Good spot, thank you.

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As a sherry lover I’d like to eat here. Amazing selection of old and young sherry.

Las Esparteras in Madrid.


A bit further down the food chain than some of these enviably grand places, I would suggest Goodfellows in Wells (Somerset, not Norfolk). The sommelier is extremely knowledgable and we have always enjoyed his suggestions for wines to accompany the excellent fish cooking. Sadly, I can’t track down a wine list to show you. It may not feature any inheritance-blowing, pre- war clarets but everything works in perfect harmony.
PS - no vested interest here, just really impressed!


Get thee behind me…! Reading that Esparteras wine list and their menu made me want to cry with frustration, remembering just how life affirmingly good, simple Spanish restaurants can be. And that Sherry list…
Mind you, the last time I ate out in Madrid was at a noted temple of experimental gastronomy (think pig’s tail, cauliflower stalk & ball bearings served on sea weed and dry ice). Late in the evening, the head chef passed among us to press the flesh and receive homage; I couldn’t decide between shaking his hand or smacking him in the gob.


I was a big fan of the wine list at Plateau (in Brighton) - extensive, unusual and fairly priced, and introduced me to some favourites such as De Moor chablis and the first Jura wines I drunk, but I was there recently and they’ve shrunk it to one side of A4. Still interesting and well priced, but not the exciting experience it once was

Sticking with East Sussex the wine list at Tillingham is pretty amazing, although I decided to celebrate terroir and just drink their own wines by the glass

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The Vineyard at Stockcross has an immense list. Some of it rather marked up, but some value can be found. Always worth asking to see the big list when you’re there!

Ah, good to know. I have not been there for some time now.

Local to me there is a great list at The Sun Inn, Dedham

And The Crown at Stoke by Nayland which has removed it’s substantial and well priced list from their website atm.


I also like L’Oustalet in Gigondas but a bit closer to home I’d be happy at Andrew Edmunds every day of the week and twice on Sundays…


I went to the Vineyard soon after it opened. As far as I remember they had about 2000 bins available, in a tome the size of a telephone directory.
And then they handed you another one, the same size, of their Californian wines.:anguished:

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Hasn’t changed!

Weirdly the main cellar is actually in the roof!

Now you’re talking! Had a great meal there in 2018.

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Clos Maggiore in Covent Garden always had a list of almost biblical proportions. It won quite a few awards.

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Very true.

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You really shouldn’t have done that…

… we’re in San Sebastian next April.


Well you can’t have a bad meal anywhere in san sebastian ! This restaurant isn’t one of the many michelin stars there, better priced and family owned, but their wine list is better than anyone’s !