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Ten most popular wine brands in UK

The 10 most popular wine brands in the UK (thedrinksbusiness.com)

But it doesn’t say they are the 10 biggest selling…

My interpretation is that it tells us nothing. They are prominent and recognisable brands which most people who drink (any old) wine have seen; people like wine, ergo anything recognisable as a wine label is going to produce a positive opinion. One wonders what the selection bias was… were these the only labels shown to participants ?

I’m assuming the brand in question doesn’t specifically indicate that it’s solely the label shown which qualifies so it would have covered J-Creek / Blossom / Echo et al’s entire range. So @MikeFranklin , you can have a nice Gallo merlot and be content !


Oh dear! I’m not a fizz drinker and still only drink a little rose and white, which left me with Yellow Tail and Cassillero del Diablo. Think I’ll pass!

You’re a cynic, like me!

19 crimes lol

Always felt to me to be an underestimate.


Controversial opinion: Casillero del Diablo is not bad wine.


TWS Exhibition.


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I agree with you!


I agree - it is a good example of a label that makes a sound wine that a person unfamiliar or unsure about wine would quite happily purchase in a supermarket and really isn’t going wrong.

19 Crimes on the other hand…


19 Crimes… the biggest crime was that my in-laws gave me a bottle of that coffee infused one, and I had to drink it.

Never again. And I couldn’t sleep after it either due to the coffee.