Tempier Bandol 2001

I have one bottle of this which I was given years ago, without really appreciating what it was. Now I’m wondering when to drink it, and thinking perhaps 2020-25. Anyone have any relevant experience or knowledge to share on this question?

Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book rates 2001 Bandol as still ok to keep as are 98 and 99 but 2002 is recommended for drinking this year. The text says, “Superb barrel-aged reds, huge aging potential.” Tempier is the star estate and has its own entry in the publication.

Thanks. For some reason I hadn’t even thought of looking there.

How long you could keep it would depend which cuvee it is (Tempier have at least four last time I checked) and how it’s been stored. Tempier’s website suggests drink from 3-4 years to 15 years “or more” for the Cuvee Classique. I’d have thought at 18 years old you might as well drink it!

In fact it’s La Migoua. Doesn’t seem to be any rush but I’ll probably drink it within the next year or so. I think I generally prefer older wines.