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Taylors 2018 Vintage Port Release

I have just been reading about the recent release of another (that’s three in a row now) Taylors Vintage Port for the 2018 Vintage.

Would it be at all possible (and indeed commercially viable) for the Wine Society to offer a mixed case of 3x4 bottles each of the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Taylors VP’s for laying down.

What are the difficulties in doing this (I’m sure the buyer could tell us) and why isn’t it done more frequently with, for example, a mixed case of three or four different brands (3x4 etc) in every declared vintage?


During the '16 Port EP offer, there were mixed cases of both bottles and halves 1x6, so it should be possible out of EP too.

I like your vertical idea a lot.


I like that idea too! I’ll wait to see what other members have to say first, as I’m sure there’ll be other ideas/other people agreeing they’d like to see this kind of thing, and we can then at least let the buying team know there’s an appetite for it. :slight_smile:


It it were Graham’s/Warre’s instead of Taylor’s, I’d be all for it :upside_down_face:

But it’s a nice idea. I always prefer mixed cases of Port as it’s something I drink so rarely but love!

I hope this mean’s there will be a 2018 EP so I can pick some up for my daughter/me.


I’m not sure how widespread the declaration of 2018 is.

From the limited amount I’ve read it’s mostly Single Quintas that are being declared rather than a general declaration. I have a suspicion that this will increasingly be the case across most vintages moving forward.

Quinta di Noval for example is on its eighth declared vintage in a row.

Symmingtons have announced Quinta do Vesuvio and Dow’s – Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira will be released now and they’re keeping several more back for later release. Flatgate are releasing a vintage Taylors as already mentioned, along with a specific Fonseca bottling and a single quinta Crofts.


Personally, I would buy a mixture if available of either the same wine of different vintages and/or a mixed case of VP’s of different companies. I think the port trade would greatly benefit if they were prepared to cooperate.


Hi all, a quick update, having sat in on a virtual tasting of the Symington 2018 wines yesterday. You’re right, Fladgate have released three wines but have said they will not be offered for sale until next year. Symingtons have released 6, offering the two above mentioned this year (no half bottles). Noval has announced it will offer its 2018 imminently. So that’s three of the big names. Prices and samples awaited. I’ve heard nothing from the ‘Portuguese’ houses.
We normally do offer a selection of mixed cases in our EP offers, but we have yet to discuss plans for this year and mixing the three available may not make sense due to pricing and ageing potential differences. We have re-offered EP wines from other regions in the past so no reason why we shouldn’t do the same with Vintage Ports, where we have stock or if stock still available in Portugal. We normally wait for them to have more time in bottle, but I will discuss with my colleagues!