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Tax pay it you know you want to


They are all the same the one thing you can be sure of is they will find a way of taxing anything and especially anything people enjoy or is a necessity, whilst this hasn’t happened yet the anti pleasure brigade will be touting the fact that Scots will be crossing the border or ordering from the south at the cheaper prices, that of course is unfair and they now believe the time has come for the same MUP to be applied here.

of course all this comes under the umbrella of they know what is good for the proles but will not effect them, subsidised bars exes etc .
Ronald Regan summed it up…

The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help


especially when delivered by RR


If it’s at the levels in Scotland it’s probably not a big deal. I don’t think the Wine Society would have to put up any prices…:slight_smile:

However, thin end of wedge and all that…


As is normal, bit like the Dartford crossing, promised to be free to users after the costs were paid, oh how we laughed…


There goes my White Lightning habit…


Well you can come to Scotland for that one as the Skye Bridge campaigners got the tolls removed there… and on the other bridges…


A 750ml bottle of a 15% wine would have to cost a minimum of £5.60 if the 50p/unit was applied - thankfully, given The Society’s wines start at £5.75 (& abvs are generally lower at the bottom end), we would remain unaffected.
A bottle of Echo Falls white at Morrisons, with 11% abv would have to cost a minimum of £4.10 (currently £5). Not really aimed at wine drinkers, though (yet!) … more towards the ‘high-octane’ drinks.


That’s a hell of a detour just for a free crossing :rofl:


Roll on the WS Exhibition MD 20/20 Ewan…:slight_smile: