Tate Restaurants wine collection

I was sad to hear at the end of the last lockdown that the wine team at the Tate had all (I believe collectively as a team) moved on.

Now the Tate is selling off its wine collection too. Sounds like the Rex Whistler might not be a hidden gem of a restaurant come the end of lockdown. The link is to the shortened list, if anyone want the long list (inc odd bottles) email matthew.randall@tate.org.uk apparently.


Interesting link. I work for a national museum (not one with a Head Sommelier, it must be said) and it’s carnage at the moment - we’ve lost upwards of 85% of our income this year, and that’s replicated across the sector.


Sad times. I’m surprised it’s only 85% to be honest :frowning:

Sad indeed. Though the Tate has been known to offload stock from time to time (I purchased some Bolly RD 1996 and some Gioconda Chardonnay a while back from them).

Awful about the Tate’s losses, but that doesn’t alter the fact that the restaurant was pretty awful, as well, Good service only for their regulars and boring meals. I went a few times to enjoy the wines, but I’d rather buy them.