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Tastings and events live for first quarter of 2020


For anyone who have not noticed the 2020 quarter 1 tasting events are now live on the website. This user bagged tickets for the London Rhone Tasting on a Tuesday in March. Another attempt to get together afterwards is on the cards.


Oooh! I like the sound of the Chichester Iberian Walk Around… :thinking:


As usual I’ll be out of the country for the duration of Q1 :wink:


Bit of careless cut and pasting gone on on the website as the address of the tasting on the 17th March in Chelmsford is given as the same address as the Leicester tasting! Maybe @Laura can get this corrected


I’ll report this now! Thanks for the excellent spot!


I’ll check my diary, but in principle keen on attending the Rhone tasting (and for dinner afterwards)


The Brunch events seem to be creeping up in price. I think the first event was £50, then subsequent events were £60 and the latest events are £70.

Now, they are excellent events but the price increases are quite dramatic over such a short space of time - particularly when I think the original idea was to target them to the Society’s younger Members.


The tastings leaflet arrived by post this morning. It mentions a “Viva Italia” tasting in Nottingham on 25 February. However when I check the website only the Cardiff, Reading and York dates are visible.

Any idea @laura if the Nottingham event has been cancelled or is this just an accidental omission from the website?


Does it have a product code? You could try searching for that.
… or just Nottingham, here you go


Oooooooo nice spot @szaki1974

With literally no willpower or restraint I’ve booked the Burgundy vs the new world walkround in Newcastle

The leeds walkround in Jan was already booked out!! Unprecedented!



I really need to check this place more often… my mailing came in today and despite going online within the hour, the Rioja dinner in Canterbury already sold out. Same happened with the Champagne Fish and Chips last quarter.

I know the Society probably doesn’t want the hassle of putting events on sale to all at a certain time a few days after the mailing because of the pressure it might put on the website, but it is disappointing that some events are essentially unavailable to people who don’t or can’t check the community regularly (note: not a criticism of those who do!!)


@dallardice see it as a blessing - My wallet already tried to pull the ejector-pocket cord in advance - Even with the 10% discount on orders on the night it’ll prove to be a pricey evening :confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded:

You’re better off out of it!


Yeah, that’s true… there seem always to be some unmissable gems at those tastings… and if you add the 10% off… the ones with masterclasses are the worst.


I literally could not believe this when I saw it … checked my diary and discovered I’ll be in Edinburgh :woozy_face::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:! I don’t think Newcastle has had anything this interesting in years :sob:!


Thanks for that. The event didn’t show in the calendar or as an event under the tutored tastings category.


Interesting. May come down for that as getting home by train from Newcastle is doable with a 8.30pm finish. The bite-size tastings in Edinburgh in January caught my eye. Good to see innovation although just wondering with just 12 wines and 1 hour to taste them whether the tables will be crowded with the people who always hog the space chatting away and oblivious to others attempting to get a sample.


Given the Leeds sell-out I decided to just book the Newcastle Burg v New World event now. Just need to sharpen my elbows in preparation :grin:


@Leah Whaaaaaaat?! Cancel it! Fake your own death…anything!

I’m planning on a little day trip to durham and finishing with the tasting a short train ride away


I’ve got a ticket for the Burgundy vs new world in Manchester.


Can’t WSETDip…:see_no_evil:, otherwise would NOT be missing it.