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Tastings and events in Jul, Aug and Sep


Just to let you know, the next batch of TWS events will be released very, very soon.

If we are coming to a venue near you and you do attend, do let us know what you thought of the event and share your wine discoveries on here.

If there isn’t an event near you, do let me know (not that you usually need encouragement :face_with_head_bandage:). I’ve previously promised an outline of how we schedule our events and I will post that on this thread in the next few days.

Just a word of warning that some events (the London and Stevenage ones) will book out quickly so do have a look over the weekend.


Thanks for the heads up!!:+1::grinning: I shall spend the weekend glued to the tablet, then!!! :wink:


The events are now live on the website. We have been having a few technical glitches so if you notice anything a bit out of place please let me know.

I would also be very interested to hear how you search the events e.g. by the calendar, by the type of event, by region etc and your general thoughts about the tastings section of the TWS website.


Excellent!! And such choice, too! :smiley: AND, I notice with glee, there’s an event in Lewes, too! :clap::clap::clap:
Re searching for events- I personally use the calendar feature rather than look for individual events. It’s easier for me to work out of when I’m free/able to take time off, and then work from there. At the moment, it’s the lunch/dinner in Stevenage I am keen on booking- so pleased that there are various options! The Lewes Walkaround, being virtually on my doorstep, is a no-brainer, and will definitely book that too.
Thanks again for the heads up, @Tim_S ! :+1:


There are lots of events and venues I’m really looking forward to being involved in.

We also had a 6 hour planning session for Q4 today and that looks like it will be even more exciting.


The calendar doesn’t give much information, so I skim through each type. I would prefer a single list by date, with enough information to know if it is worth clicking through for the full details. You could colour the entry headings by type.
But as always (see thread on choosing wines), I would like much more detail about the wines, not just catchy titles.


Can understand your frustration but it is very hard to commit to wines 6 months in advance of an event. We simply don’t know what wines will be in stock and made available to us for use.

We are now posting full wine details two weeks in advance of any event. If at that stage you don’t like the look of the lineup, you can cancel your tickets and full refunds will be issued.


Some of the events look really good. Is there a reason the events, at least in London, tend to take place on Mondays? Fridays or even weekends would add a fun dimension to tastings.


To be brutally honest, because the cost of venue hire is up to 4 times cheaper on a Monday.

We would love to have events later in the week and are always searching for venues where we can make this work. I’m always open to suggestions or contacts if anyone has any.


That’s fair enough, I suspected it was something along those lines. I enjoy a Monday wine tasting but trying to convince friends to attend on a Monday is not always as easy!


Can you get a crew together for the Wine Fair on Wednesday 23rd May?


You must have something more specific in mind, for example for the how wines age comparison than:
comparative tastings between new releases and older vintages of a selection of wines including riesling, chardonnay, shiraz and cabernet.

How much older? From which regions (German riesling would interest me; Australian would not)? (even: Cab…Sauv or C Fr?)

Yes, something unexpected might happen and one wine might go out of stock, but for something like this, that would not really matter, as the object is probably not to sell us the older wines, but to show what happens if we keep them.

You must have a provisional list in mind. Share it.


Perhaps I have a sensitive constitution, but this sounds a little aggressive to me. As if there is a wilful wish to keep the wine list a secret - rather than practical constraints and perhaps not promising something that cannot be delivered.


To be brutally honest again, I don’t have the foggiest in terms of a provisional list.

In my personal life I’m lucky if I know what I’m doing the next day. In my professional life I’m able to stretch that out to the next 6-8 weeks. But I’m personally leading over 20 events and managing a team that will be delivering 46 between now and then. Thus I simply don’t have time to work on a provisional list that will only end up changing 5 times over between now and then.

I can assure you we don’t withhold information in order to trick people into buying tickets. That is not how I operate, and certainly not how TWS operates. If we have the information, and have the time to share it, we will.


Perhaps I am spoiled by other tastings series which always publish the wines before payment, and sometimes months in advance. I simply do not understand how you can design and propose a tasting without some idea of what will be included.


Yep. Already booked!


I’ll take your feedback on board and will endeavor to provide as much relevant information as we possibly can, in as timely a manner as we can.

Just a warning though, the riesling is likely to be Australian. It was seeing that we have 6 different vintages of Grosset Polish Hill in the museum bin that inspired me to put on this workshop.


Thank you, and the information about the motivation for the tasting suggests that you do have some idea of what you want to show.

I know that many people in this group were enthusiastic for mystery cases, etc., so there probably is a market for mystery tastings. I’ll wait for the report backs.


Great to hear. We currently have just over 400 tickets sold and the list of producers confirming their attendance is growing by the day.


Great Aberdeen in July. Shame I’m on holiday :weary:
Tour de France sounds great