Tasting with Nadia Curto

Nadia Curto is the most lovely, generous host. Four of us tasted all of the wines above and she refused any payment.

The wines were universally fruit forward gorgeous. The barolo reserva is a special wine already showing tertiary notes and definitely a keeper. A bottle has sneaked into the suitcase.


I’m a huge fan of visiting good producers to discuss their wines. You can learn so much about wines of the area and what they hope to achieve. Plus you often get to taste wines that are just not shipped.

So this looks like a great tasting!



Is that one with the gold label the one that was in the ep offer i wonder? I got some so curious to know how it is :smiley:

Edit: just looked it up, its the 2015 Arborina, so i assume 5th from left.


Yes Tom…

We got a sneak peak as I have a case ordered EP and it doesn’t arrive in the UK til later this year
IMHO, it will not disappoint. very approachable now, but further riches to come. My Coravin is going to be busy over the next few years
Nadia said it was a very good year on her part of the hill at La Morra. She was very specific about vintages. When I posited that 2015 was a good year elsewhere, she said she only knew about the specific microclimate and couldn’t comment on other places.

BTW. She postponed her holiday to look after us and is very sad that Sebastian Payne is leaving the Italy portfolio.


Amazing, what a great experience.

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What a fabulous opportunity. We currently have one of her wines available.


Thank you Ewan…

i have a few bottles at home…it’s lovely.

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