Tasting group near Canterbury?


A few years ago I decided to broaden my horizons with wine so I joined TWS to see what I could learn, initially buying pre-selected mixed cases, later subscribing to a Vintage Cellar Plan, and more recently I’ve been experimenting with EP and Members Reserves.

I’m really just a beginner teaching myself as I go though so I’d love to meet other likeminded people locally to try and discuss wines together.

I’m wondering if there are any tasting groups near Canterbury in Kent or would anybody be interested in starting one?


I live just down the A2. A local group is a super idea.

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Worth checking out the Wiki list of local groups too:

There’s a group based in Tunbridge Wells, by the look of it. Might be too far, though.

And welcome to the community, @Owen77! :grin:

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Tunbridge Wells is a little too far for me sadly (1h30m each way). If there were enough people interested in organising something nearer Dover/ Ashford/ Folkestone/ Canterbury though I’d be up for it.