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Tasting group in Brighton and Hove


Hello community,

Myself and @AdrianH are trying to set up a tasting group in Brighton and Hove. There’s been a couple discussions about groups in Sussex, but realistically, having access to public transport would make it easier for those of us not in the countryside to attend such meetings.

Adrian had found a place in Hove that can rent a room relatively cheaply, so we are trying to gauge people’s interest before we take this any further.

If anyone is interested, could you please DM me?

Inbar :slight_smile:


Obviously I’m in. Found a location that is convenient for local buses and trains. We just need a few interested people in order to set up a pilot evening to chat about how a group might work.


We currently got three interested members, @AdrianH! So it’s a start… Let’s see if any other interested members make contact in the next week or so.

Good luck tomorrow!! :crossed_fingers::four_leaf_clover:


Let me know if you’d like me to set up a private group for you all to organise tastings etc! :slight_smile:


Hi Inbar, I’m Brighton based and would also be interested.



Great! :grinning:
We’ve got a few interested (not all WS members)- so will just chat to Adrian next week and will get in touch directly with those interested to see how to take this forward.



I am also interested in a tasting group based in Brighton.



Excellent! we’re getting good numbers now. I’ll keep you posted via a DM once I spoke to Adrian and we can hopefully get things going! :grinning: