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Tasting: Germany Growers’ Walkaround 28/07/2017

Is anyone here going to be attending the upcoming German wine tasting at the Merchant Taylor’s Hall?

I will be pouring wines and also meeting members, hoping to find a chance to talk about the community and to recruit some new members. It would be great to put some faces to the names of this group.

I believe that the community will be incredibly useful for tastings and events as members can coordinate in advance, plan to meet up on the night, exchange their lists of favourite wines, and maybe even plan follow-up tastings. There are hundreds if not thousands of great tasting notes made at each event, and if we can encourage members to give us the benefit of their experience and reviews, we’d all be able to benefit and find great new wines.

Do let me know if you will be there and if you do, come and say hello - I will be easy to spot as I’ll probably be wearing a very LOUD shirt :joy:

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Indeed, @robert_mcintosh does not do ordinary shirts.

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Seconded! Almost deafened last time I saw him :smiley:

Yep I’ll be there with my partner and really looking forward to it. Are we all to wear distinctive garmentry? My obvious go-to attire would include red trousers. :yum:


YES! Let’s be the stand out crowd … but then again we are competing with German growers so I suspect we’re in for a challenge.

It will be fantastic to meet in person

Full info on the wines available can now be downloaded on the tasting page. Handy if you want to plan your route or cross reference against an enthusiastic purchase from the 2015 Germany offer a while back. :smiley:

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I won’t be there (shame!) and I have to confess to being disappointed that this is included in the tasting:


It is such a perfect example of German Pinot…I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed that it would be marked down for clearance - seems a distant hope now since anyone tasting it will be hard-pressed (a good metaphor for a tasting?) not to buy some.

I’ve not exactly discovered anything here - I think the price suggests that the ‘secret’ of the quality of Spatburgunder is no longer such a secret (check out the reviews - member and press) and you also get a sense of what a good example this one is…

Posting as a way of talking myself into buying some?


Thanks for being so kind as to let us into your secret. I’ve loved good German Pinot for some time, but the prices have always been higher (since little is available for export and is well-sought in the country) so it isn’t the easiest to experiment with.

I will seek it out at the tasting and hopefully I’ll find a few others like it to enjoy and share.

I will be heading off to help set up for this (via a lunchtime concert my kids are involved in). If you are coming, don’t forget to look out for the guy with the VERY floral shirt and say Hi!

@robert_mcintosh on my way, I will find you.

Anyone else going…?

I’ve got plaid trousers and yellow socks, but you might notice my girlfriend’s red curls first.

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What a combination! I will be on the lookout :slight_smile:

Stunning venue. It is actually my first visit to the Merchant Taylors Hall

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Amazing how busy it suddenly got at 6


The first real community get-together. Thanks to @danchaq & partner for coming along and saying hello


An absolutely stunning wine discovered tonight, and wonderful value for money. This is marked as Kabinett but has real richness and ripe, honeyed fruit that would surprise you from that classification. What it does have is a freshness and dry finish which is wonderfully refreshing. Going on my shopping list straight away


Robert - I think you’re just a sucker for the label because it matches your shirt…


The shirt’s quite tame, by Robert’s standards :wink:

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@robert_mcintosh I was too late to jump on the 2016 von simmern in the recent Germany offer. Word’s got out!

knew it would eventually

Don’t tell anyone about the 2002 Auslese! Hope that’s still in stock when I have a bit more cash.