Tasting events - how do you choose which to book?

We had the same thought! :smiley:

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But they could have made the rosé by adding a bit of red to white wine, as most makers of fizz do. Rosé de Noirs suggests to me that it is made of red grapes only, and limited skin contact.

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Very insightful, thank you.

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Thanks for the clarification, @SteveSlatcher! :+1:

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Also, to note, this adding red to white can ONLY be done for fizz within the EU. They can do it for still wines elsewhere but its not allowed in the EU.

That is often stated (In fact people usually say it is only Champagne that can do it), and there was a big fuss about it when there were proposals to change the legisalisation and the main stream media kept repeating it.

But as far as I can see, it has never been true for PGI and PDO wines. As far as the EU is concerned at least, though local rules may forbid it. Only for still rosé table wines (as they used to be called) is blending of red and white wines forbidden by the EU. I wrote about it in some detail here, referring to the EU rules directly:

I am happy to be corrected but if you do, please point me to the relevant EU regulation.

Perhaps I should have posted this to the retired pedant thread :slight_smile:


Definitely a distinction for pedants, but blending red and white GRAPES is, I think, still legal in Germany, for example schillerwein.

Yes, as its not already vinified :wink:

Yes, this is what I’m saying :joy:, I’m referring to rosé, maybe I wasn’t clear sorry.:sweat_smile:

It’s very difficult to use precise language, which is probably one reason why the language in the EU regs is so obtuse, but I was talking about blending of wine, rather than co-fermenting grapes. And by still table wines, I meant those those without a PGI or PDO. In my blog post I try to be more precise.

So where are the EU regs that forbid the creation of PGI or PDO rosé wines by blending red and white wines? I cannot find them, and no one so far has been able to show me them. On the other hand, those forbidding it for non-PDO/PGI wines are easy to find.

(Edit: I admit that the Santorini examples at the bottom of my blog post do not seem to be examples of rosés made by blending wines. I’ll fix that when I next have acces to a proper computer)

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