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Tasting and Film Screening with Michael Seresin


This afternoon I’ve been organising a special tasting and film screening with iconic cinematographger and winery owner Michael Seresin.

The general plan is to have a casual tasting of the Seresin wines with accompanying nibbles before screening one of Michael’s films in a private cinema (with a glass of wine and cheese plate). Following the film there will be a Q&A with Michael about his careers in both the film and wine industries.

The question I have is, which film do we show?

  • Midnight Express
  • Angel Heart
  • Birdy
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Fame

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Would value your input.


Magical Mystery Tour, surely?


I will see if I can update the poll… @laura any tips??

The shortlist was just what Michael’s daughter Leah and I came up with this afternoon. We decided that Gravity and some of his more recent films may not suit the cinema we will be using but always open to suggestions. A full list of Michael’s films can be seen here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Seresin


Bugsy Malone would be my choice :wink:


Also a great call!


I must say, I can’t reconcile the idea of enjoying Seresin’s lovely wine with watching Midnight Express, though!! :scream:


Sorry I didn’t catch this in time, but can’t edit poll options after it’s been live for 5 minutes+! But I guess people could ‘vote’ for that option by ‘liking’ @Bargainbob’s post?! :smiley:

I’m putting my money on Fame - a classic!!!


I know this poll was a while back but as so many of you voted for it, I thought it was worth letting you know we did indeed go with your choice of film (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!) so thanks for all your input!

The event’s in September and tickets are on sale here if anyone wants to attend:


note to self - dont open when 9 year old, Harry Potter mad, son is in the office…

DS “can we go, can we go?”
me “its a wine tasting, not just the film”
DS “cool, what wines will there be?”



Haha, whoops! We’ll have to repeat the event in about nine years! :joy:


:+1: 8 years 49 weeks i’ve just been told !