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Tasting Alternative to the Half bottle of Chianti Classico Volpaia 2019

Hi - I’ve taken the plunge and registered to join the “online - beginners guide to wine tasting” on 27th Jan. I’m trying to purchase the recommended wines and the Chianti Classico Volpaia 2019 is one - however it is out of stock. The Alternative suggested by TWS website in the Magnum - but that is also out of stock (and possibly a bit big for a tasting??).

I want to be able to understand what is going on during the tasting, so can someone recommend an alternative for me that will help me ‘join in’ and be able to recognise the aromas and flavours?

Very many thanks in advance.


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That’s a real shame. The Volpaia is a great bang per buck Chianti Classico.

They don’t seem to have any other halves in either. The Chianti Classico, Castello La Leccia 2018 is probably the closest to the Volpaia in terms of flavours (although if you fancy a treat, and spending an extra £1, I really enjoyed Chianti Colli Senesi Riserva, Coppiole, Bichi Borghesi 2016 but that’ll not fit in so well with what they’re talking about as there’ll be another layer of flavours and complexity to contend with).


I’d have thought you’d want to stick with Classico. I might have suggested the Fontodi but that is rather more expensive. I don’t think you’ll go far wrong with @strawpig’s recommendation of the La Leccia.


That’s perfect.

I’ll go for the Chianti Classico, Castello La Leccia 2018 as that sounds like it will give the participation experience. Not worried about it being a bottle as it is a red - it will be consumed.

Thank you both so much.


Thanks again @strawpig and @MikeFranklin - I’ve added two bottles to my order (I always order two of any red in case I really like it).


I hope you enjoy both the wine and the tasting intro!

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