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Tasters Differences and the wine champions


Back in December I tasted through a few wine to select Christmas gifts, one was :-

It is now a wine champion , but if you click through to reviews, there’s my notes, very uncomplimentary. I can remember it too and there’s no upgrade.

So has anyone else tried this?

Am I so wrong? Was it a dud bottle?


Oh dear! Well that doesn’t sound like a great wine experience at all - but you’re right, it may well have just been a dud bottle? Did you report it to Member Services? I’m sure they would be happy to credit your account for the bottle (it’s part of The Society’s Promise).

I’m afraid I’ve not tried it so I can’t offer anything more helpful than that (I’ve tried other Tabali wines in the past and enjoyed them) - hopefully someone else here will have!


Sounds like a duffer to me too, Russ. I’d take @laura 's advice and have a word with Member Services.


Oh I made sure I had a refund. It’s just surprising that with my experience I couldn’t tell that it was faulty rather than just bad.


The only way to know if it was a dud is to try another bottle of the same wine, but understandably one doesn’t want to in case its the same.

Our U3A wine group had a tasting this week of TWS Wine Buyers Favourites 2018

Of one wine* the buyer who chose it said “This is the best Beaujolais I have tasted…great length of flavour….” None of us agreed, finding it thin and light and not pleasant drinking enough to finish the glass…

Duff bottle, too old, or are our tastes so very different from the TWS buyers?

*Domaine Jean-Marc Burgaud, Morgon Côte du Py 2014


And Peter I’ve had Burgauds Wine and they’re usually very good. The more you know the less you understand


That’s interesting, because the members’ reviews are also very consistently in agreement that it’s unpleasantly acidic, and it’s not just a couple of outliers - it really seems to be the consensus of a dozen reviews (apart from @Ewan I noticed, who had a lot of praise for it).

Does it need a few more years to settle down, or is it just a proper duffer from an otherwise well regarded producer…? I’ve been meaning to buy a bottle these last few months, just out of curiosity.


J-M Burgaud’s wines can seriously age, I had the 2009 of that cuvee recently and it was spectacular.


I think I made a boo-boo - I thought folk were talking about the 2016 which is glorious. Will probably have to remove my erroneous review. Apols.