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Tapas recipes

Happy Friday, all!

Some of you might have seen we’ve just announced we’re hosting a tapas and wine night on Thursday 27th August.

I’d absolutely LOVE to hear your tapas recipes - I’m hoping lots of you will cook up a storm for the event and it would be great to benefit from your culinary genius (judging from some of the other recipes I’ve seen here…!)

I’m going to start by sharing this recipe, which I’ve also made with anchovies in place of the chorizo in the past and they’ve been lovely:


My favourite tapas recipes at the moment (for doing at home!) are ones where the ingredients list is given in the name.

The biggest hits at the tapas night I had last Friday were the chorizo in sherry and honey and the artichokes with spring onions and jamon.

Brown some cooking chorizo in a pan and then deglaze with some dry sherry and add some honey (or use a sweeter sherry - or once I did this with a mix of a sweeter sherry, a dry sherry and some honey, it was nuts) and bubble it down for a bit.

Fry off the spring onions whole, add a can of artichoke hearts (waitrose essentials, because I love a world where artichokes are considered essential), and then add some jamon strips just before serving. If you want to be extra fancy garish with some chopped salted almonds.


These two sound delicious, thank you! I might try the chorizo dish with the sherry we’re trying at the tasting - it’s got a hint of sweetness so it might work quite nicely?!

Thanks for bringing the concept of ‘essentials’ artichokes to my attention too. :laughing:


This has yet more chorizo in it so I guess it fits the bill and it’s a doddle to cook…

…sadly I make a one person version with four decent sized scallops. I’ve found it best to add the chilli when the scallops go in the pan and the spring onions when the scallops get flipped. Difficult to match with wine though, Fino or Manzanilla have worked best so far. I’ll try a rose next time to see how that pairs


I think it would work amazingly with the slightly sweeter Amontillado!

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I’ve got a big family dinner earlier in the week so I’m going to make a stack of anchovy butter which makes for classy wee bites on either toast or oatcakes https://www.theguardian.com/food/2019/dec/14/christmas-snacks-yotam-ottolenghi-hush-puppies-crostinis-chocolate-salami


Oh my! These look INCREDIBLE, Sally - we’re big anchovy fans in our house. :smile: I also love finding impressive canapes you can serve cold - too often when I’m cooking for a dinner party/Christmas, all the oven space is in use by the time guests arrive so finding recipes for delicious nibbles like this that don’t require an oven is a big win for me! :smiley:

Another similar recipe I’ve had good success with (although I’m not sure I can actually define it as ‘tapas’, but still!) is this truffled mushroom paté: