Tannins in wine inhibit Covid 19?

First Post so bear with me, not sure if screenshot attached.

Read this yesterday in a drinks business update. As a community of tannin imbibers thought it would be interesting to see if any members had been unlucky enough to have suffered the virus? Or whether any truth in the article and we have created our own immunity?


It’s only right to self medicate - il get the corkscrew


Having suffered from it recently, all I can say is that drinking a glass of wine was the very last thing on my mind. Fine in principle, utterly pointless in practice. :grinning:


Right better get on with drinking then!!

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Some of you may have seen my post where I postulated that stopping drinking (albeit just midweek) gave me Covid.

I was joking at the time, but maybe there was some truth to it!!

I tested positive after 5 dry days.

Then similarly not really fancied a drink for the last 3 weeks.

(Bottle of palo cortado currently in the fridge mind…).


Twiglets at the ready then! [quote=“robertd, post:50, topic:9662”]
Twiglets are very savoury, and work well with the nutty, off-dry Palo Cortado.


Loving the concept of my wine cellar being my own personal pharmacy!


This all sounds like an old wives’ tale.

I don’t doubt the science, but as I say, having unfortunately had a bout of it, the chances of you actually managing to stomach a glass of wine are pretty much zero. So it’s impractical, in my experience.

Edit: In fact, the first night I had symptoms we polished off 2 bottles of wine, and I woke on the Saturday morning to what I assumed was a shocker of a hangover. From then on in, wine didn’t hold much appeal as the virus took hold.




Fairly certain I had CV in early Jan last year - all symptoms matched, bloody awful - but it ‘didn’t exist’ at the time so no way of knowing.

All I can say is the loss of taste & smell meant wine tasted of nothing, just tannins. Champagne type fizzes were all I could appreciate for a few weeks after.

I imagine a tinfoil hat is required for the tannin’s in wine to work as a preventative.


You are exceedingly lucky! A friend and fellow WS member (young: 30) got it in March. His sense of smell hasn’t come back properly yet…he THINKS he can tell the difference between Prosecco and Champagne, but…and red wine: forget it.

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