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Tahbilk Nagambie Lakes Marsanne 2017



Back in stock from the 11th. I’ll be sticking a case in reserves. Can’t imagine it will stick around too long. Get it while you can :wink:.


I love a good marsanne - added to my wishlist.



This has got great age ability and just gets better and better.


I have 7 bottles of the 2015 still. Might skip this vintage…


If another member would like to share a case to get 6 rather than 12 for the full case offer price per bottle (saving £2/bottle), then please send me a message. (I hope that wouldn’t contravene any society rules.)


Here here @Leah !

Because this wine is delicious from the word go, I suspect a lot of people don’t recognise exactly how well it does age.

Tahbilk provide a vintage chart for all their wines that can be cellared, to give an idea of how mature they may be. It’s a bit hard to find on their site, but here is a link to it -

You’ll see that the first vintage of their Marsanne that they reckon to be ready is the 2003! I am drinking my way through a case of the 2006 and can confirm that it is still improving (though very delicious now).


Its current in the great savings offer:


I bought a case and its going into my reserves to be delivered over the next 7 years!


Is 2017 a standout vintage for Victoria?


Thanks for the link @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis, I’ve put a case in reserves.


There’s a quite detailed chart here:


which suggests not for this particular wine, but that’s the only source I’ve looked at.


I just got back from Australia, where I had a bottle of their ‘Museum Release’. I can’t remember which vintage, but it was quite mature and absolutely delicious. Thanks for highlighting this, I’ve ordered a case for my reserves.


Apparently available from Fortnum and Mason :wink:


ugh this one sold out in no time.

Annoying as usual that it just disappears from the website and my wish-list with no trace of it ever having existed.


It’s not entirely disappeared:

but that doesn’t help your wishlist.


It sells out so fast - unsurprisingly as it’s delicious and ridiculous value. Their similarly priced white blend ‘the tower’ gets very poor reviews on the society site, anyone here agree or disagree with those reviews?


I’ve tasted it , it’s not in the Marsanne league but it’s not terrible either . It’s a perfectly fine easy drinking everyday type wine . I haven’t read any of the reviews … but now I will :rofl: