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Dear all,

Although I did not know Taffy-on-Tour, I have been informed that he passed away peacefully towards the end of last year.

Given concerns raised here on this forum, I thought I ought to convey this news, and indeed was asked to by the person tidying his affairs – who approved this message.

His passing was brought to my attention after this person contacted people with whom he’d exchanged emails, so as to inform them. One of these was Rhone critic John Livingstone-Learmonth, who mentioned it to me, knowing I sometimes visit this forum.

In addition, John sent these words, which I’m sure Taffy would appreciate:

“I never met [Taffy], but he was a busy, regular, lengthy correspondent, often urging me, before he realised I was set in my ways, to write easier access tasting notes, pare back my English, address a mass market.

“He would state that he championed me on the Wine Society forum, and was always pleased when I posted a load of new data. There was always a future for him – via which bottle he should drink soon, but also which bottles he wanted to tuck away for a few years out, and was pleased to recount his en primeur triumphs.

“He had been an oil executive in the past, but the wine, and sport, filled out his emails, the rugby with Wales, lamenting the English Test team, and comments on football, tennis. He was in full flow until telling me that he had been quite ill at the end of October, when I was in the Rhône, and then I just thought he was lying low. The Rhône has lost an unconditional supporter.”

A neighbour and friend of Taffy’s also asked to add a few of their own words:

“Taffy had been an off-shore rig operations and production manager in both the oil and gas industries off of Aberdeen before working on the planning for production of gas fields off of NE England and the Irish Sea. Trained as an industrial chemist, Taffy had an interesting life and had always a good story about his times off-shore.”

Please note, I have been asked not to use his real name here, and would ask that others do not do so either, or guess at it, in keeping with this. He preferred to use Taffy here, and we can’t of course ask for his permission to do otherwise.


Thanks for posting the sad news.

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RIP Taffy!

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Rest in peace, Taffy.

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Rest in peace


Rest in peace, Taffy! :pray:

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Thank you for the update @GuidoD much appreciated. Such sad news, may he rest in peace… :pensive: Lovely words you have shared though, thank you.


Very sad news. I learnt so much about the Rhone from his posts. RIP Taffy.

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Oh what sad news. Thanks for the update.

Have finally set up a JLL subscription, can’t think of a better tribute!

I’ll ‘throat’ a CdR sometime this week in his memory. :dragon:


Oh my goodness. And here we all were hoping he was just cooling off. This forum has lost a unique member, what sad news at a time when the Rhone is uppermost in our minds.


Re: the chatter on Rhone EP 2020 - I can’t think of a better way of remembering Taffy and his enthusiasm and willingness to suggest good buys and help others share his love of Rhone wines. Very sad to know he’ll no longer be adding his unique view and opinions on our musings.


Thank you @GuidoD. Such sad news. He will be very missed on this Community. Rest in peace, Taffy.

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Rest in peace, Taffy. He would have loved to bag some 2020 Rhône :dragon:


What sad news. Rest In Peace, Taffy. Your inimitable voice will be missed.

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Omg no …… very sad

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Such very sad news and a lovely tribute @GuidoD . Thank you for informing us.
Rest in Peace Taffy, your contributions are greatly missed already.


RIP Taffy
I hope you got to taste that 1990 La Chapelle one last time


Sorry to hear this, and thanks for passing on the news.

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As others have already said. Very sad news. RIP from a fellow Taffy.

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RIP Taffy and thank you so much for letting us know the news. A unique, irreplaceable voice on the Community.