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Synonyms of 'NOT'

Tongue in cheek warning…

There seems to be lots of phrases used by the wine trade (and any other trade for that matter) that aim to link (elevate) stuff to stuff that is more desired. To me all these simply mean NOT. The appellations in the list are interchangeable…

  • ‘add appellation here’ in all but name
  • baby ‘add appellation here’
  • thinks it is ‘add appellation here’
  • falls outside the ‘add appellation here’ boundary
  • on the border of ‘add appellation here’
  • from the opposite bank to ‘add appellation here’
  • ‘add appellation here’(i)an
  • next to ‘add appellation here’
  • close to ‘add appellation here’ in style

How about:

  • vintage of the century
  • vintage of a lifetime
  • unique vintage (except in the sense that every vintage is unique)
  • It has the ‘x’ of one vintage and the ‘y’ of another
  • a ‘classic’ vintage
  • a vintage ‘rescued by an Indian summer’
  • unmissable
  • producers priced this vintage ‘sensibly’, ‘with restraint’…
    etc etc

Have you been reading the Rhone EP offer by any chance?


from the Rhone EP (for the past few years!) “Yet to be granted appellation status but…”

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