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Sylvain Pataille 2014 Marsannay


Jancis Robinson’s wine of the week this week is straight from The Society’s Christmas Press tasting.


I went for a case (or rather half) in the 2014 Brugundy en primeur campaign and opted for delivering 3 bottles next week. Was in need of nicely drinking entry level Burgundy at home. Will report back on how it is, but as I recall it was very good and true to type at the tasting. What is even better, it is now available from TWS.

Weekend Drinking Thread [26 Jan]

I’ve had this on my Wishlist for a while.

Its appearance on JR.com has forced my hand and I’ve bought some today…

I wonder if TWS can share the impact of WOTW recommendations on stock levels?

I also bought some more of this as its been discounted and was worth it even before the discount:


I have had the standard Bourgogne which I did enjoy which is slightly cheaper although tempted to try the Marsannay - anyone tried them back to back?


hats off to whoever does!


Previously enjoyed Pataille Bourgogne also - felt was excellent value. Have had his Aligoté in the past as well.
On the back of enjoying both these I opted for his Clos du Roy in the 2013 EP offer


Just a bit too scared to start to venture into red Burgundy!


Let’s just say that so far today we’ve sold c.8x average daily sales for this wine …


With my limited budget, the Pataille wines are very tempting. The key is finding a grower that you trust, have has some good experience with the Roche de Bellene wines as well, the old vine Cote de Nuits Villages 2012 (not WS stock) bought at under £20 a bottle was silky and classy and better than many pricier examples.

Just hope some of this is still in stock when I have some cash for my Christmas order!


If I fear something I really want will run out, I put in an order for say 45 days ahead. Payment is always only taken on dispatch and you can add and take away bottles until the order is packed…


I bought a 12 bottle case EP, shipped up 3 bottles a while ago.
It was value for money and an enjoyable drop.
Mind you, for an entry level Bourgogne, I adore Grivot.
I will never stray far up the price list for Burgundy, however Grivot just edges it for me.
I just checked and I paid £15.59 / bottle DP, so the current £16 seems to be a bargain.


This is drinking very nicely now… good to know I have 4 more bottles. May replenish from the 2016 EP…


Agreed. I had some last weekend. Delicious.


I’ll be sure to report back when I do!


Awesome :smiley: will look forward to it - I can’t really afford to drink the higher end Burgundy (although I do like Domaine Maume) so if the Marsannay can give you 75% of the complexity for 20% of the price it might be worth it :smiley:


I’ve just ordered the Marsannay in the EP offer. Would love to hear your thoughts!


Might be a bit of time before you open them though! And would depend on the allocation etc!


Yeah on reflection ‘ordered’ is probably a bit strong!

Assuming (again) that I am lucky enough to be allocated some, I’ll drink them in 2021 and 2022.

Which in my head isn’t that far away!


Right. Gone straight in for 6. I hope they live up to the hype!


I cannot really find words just how good the 2014 Marsannay is right now… I would happily make it my house wine if it was still available. Is there anyone who tried both the Marsannay and the Bourgogne and has a comparative view?


My notes say I’ve had 3 bottles of the Marsannay (2012 and 2014) and 2 of the Bourgogne, didn’t think there was much if anything in it. Mind you, there wasn’t much price wise either.