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Sweeter German Wines

Theree is not a single spatlese riesling on the list. Have tastes changed so much that there is no room for these wonderful wines which are such good value?

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It is a shame, but climate change is having a huge effect on traditional German wine styles. Many kabinetts (kabinetten?) are now as sweet and ripe as those classified as Spätlese twenty or so years ago. Furthermore, the influence of Grosses Gewäches has been towards drier winemaking styles across the board. It’s the old halbtrocken and feinherbst style of kabinett I really miss. Maybe there are more northerly regions that have filled this gap that I’m unaware of?
Do try some of the kabinetts though, you’ll probably love them.

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The German selection is looking very sparse at the moment. If I wasn’t fully stocked I’d be over to Howard Ripley rather than the W/S at present.

I’m sure more of these will arrive on the list in time. I remember the strength of the selection just a couple of years back.


Thank you for that advice which I will follow,

As it happens I have restocked from J&B who still have an extensive list of 'old fashioned’German wines.

As you have discovered there is plenty of Riesling out there in the Spatlese Auslese categories if you look for it, but the trend particulary in Germany has been for awhile to revert to what Riesling used to be, that is mainly dry wines.
The introduction of the GG classification added to that so there is not as much in the sweeter categories as in the past, for those that like that style fortunately the likes of J J Prum still are almost 100% in the ‘old school’ and still very good value.
The push to drier more acidic wines I have alluded to in Ramblings on Riesling, in many cases they are going, in my opinion to far the mouth puckering versions coming out of some producers are just to much, but it is fashion and it can all change again.

The TWS have had what I would call a catch all German selection for some time, in trying to offer reds and other grape varieties, which in itself is not a bad thing, their Riesling selection has been rather poor, it may be it no longer sells so that would explain it, but it really has been poor for some time, just the odd star bottle.
As Nick says Howard Ripley offer as good a range as anyone and I buy a lot, relatively, from them.