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SW London Wine Appreciation Group - Q4 2022 meet ups

Continuing the discussion from SW London Wine Appreciation Group - July / September 2022 meet ups:

Please vote if you can join a dinner at Artisans of Sardinia on any of the dates indicated. Select all that work for you.

  • 19th Oct
  • 16th Nov
  • 23rd Nov
  • 14th Dec

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The 19th October could be possible for me but Iā€™m only arriving down south on the 17th so will likely still be in a state of disorganisation on Wednesday! :rofl:


Dates for dinners have been confirmed as 19 October, 23 November and 14 December.


Hi, would I be able to join the meet up on 19th October please?

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Yes, there is a place left. DM me a phone number that I can add to the WhatsApp.