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SW London Wine appreciation Group - March / April meet up

Given Wednesday proved more popular than Tuesday for the next get together, we have confirmed the following potential dates with Artisans of Sardinia. Please vote to indicate which times would work for you, if interested.

Which day works for the next wine dinner?
  • 30 March
  • 20 April
  • 27 April

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Given we have numbers for both 30 March and 27 April and having checked with those selecting both of those dates. It looks like we have two winners. The discussion will now move to the WhatsApp group. Put the dates in your diaries…

If anyone else is interested in joining on either 30 March or 27 April, please let me or @NicolaR know in a direct message and we will add you to the WhatsApp discussion.


Thanks for sharing @szaki1974

Looks like we are now full for 27th and have two more spaces available on 30th March.

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I would love to join you but not an option I’m afraid!

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If anyone else is interested in joining on 30 March, please let me know.

The 30 March 2022 meetup written up here.


As a pescatarian living in Yorkshire it’s quite unlikely I will ever find myself eating in this restaurant. Nevertheless it worries me that only the beef is cooked to perfection. I suppose you just have to take your chances with the rest of the menu!

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For completeness, please find the wines and food that was had at the dinner on 27 April 2022. As always this menu was tweaked to suit those with specific dietary requirements. I was assured that not only the beef was cooked to perfection, but maybe we can excuse our host for his enthusiastic write up. I am sure I missed some caveats, but fire away.


@szaki1974 when are you guys planning the next one?

Just give us all enough time to move to SW London before the next one


The plan is to have one on 18 May and then on 15 June this latter is currently full.

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Could I join on the 18th?

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Of course. DM me and will add you to the WhatsApp.

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