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Suspending deliveries - in support of TWS

I was very disappointed to see SepohenKensett531159’s tirade against TWS and its CEO.
As others have pointed out please do buy your wine elsewhere and resign from TWS.
The same goes for PeterMLacy.

We are a community/ Coop not a business and the CEO’s decision to prioritise the health and safety of other community members aka employees, over our need to drink wine is wholly appropriate given the current climate.

Is delivering wine to any of us really an essential journey? No.

Quite a few people take to the community pages to complain. The nature of the relationship we have with TWS is not like a relationship we have to other forms of organisation. When you moan and groan about TWS you are moaning and groaning at all of us. This is not a simple transactional relationship.

You can however, take your custom elsewhere and leave us to enjoy everything OUR Wine Society does for us.


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