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Susie & Peter’s range of wines for charity needs a name

Don’t know if anyone else here watched Susie Barrie and Peter Richards chatting with Pierre on Instagram, but it was another great conversation. During the conversation, they mentioned they are set to launch a limited range of English wines, from which all proceeds will go to charity. One hitch, however, they need a name. I obviously totally forgot about this approximately 30 seconds after I’d watched it, but was logged by a post of theirs on Instagram this morning (here).

I don’t know much more about it, and not sure if they are members and able to post here, but maybe @PierreM could be persuaded to wheedle a bit more information out of them so this community can come up some ideas for a name; a strong, powerful name, so powerful you won’t believe. Maybe the greatest name the world has ever seen.

Oh, actually just realised, there is another hitch - they also need a charity to donate to. All suggestions would, I’m sure be gratefully received.


So strong it could wear a red hat… :sweat_smile:

Seriously though, great idea for the community to get involved in, lets hear your suggestions oh wise people of the community, and I also think if @PierreM were to throw in an incentive like a nice bottle of society Champs members may become even more creative !
Great idea @Brocklehurstj


I met a name once, he said I was good at names, I have all the best names.

Charity wise the world is an odd place right now, with healthcare obviously being so close to the front of everyone’s minds that most other charities are being drowned out. But also healthcare. Given the wine nature of it, I’d possibly lean towards something to help out abandoned workers of the hospitality industry?


Really pleased to see this thread which prompted me to get in touch with Susie and Peter yesterday. Here’s what they sent me:

*There are more details about our Big English Wine Adventure on our website: https://susieandpeter.com/watch/english-wine-adventure/ There are also a few fun videos and photos on there that help explain things.

In short, though, we wanted to do a fun project for charity with English wine. We initially hooked up with Hattingley Valley, just up the road from us in Hampshire, to make a Hampshire Blanc de Blancs fizz from the 2016 vintage. We helped with the harvest and pressing and then blending…

And then got so over-excited we decided to do it again in 2017. This time a Pinot Meunier-dominant fizz (the potential of which we find very exciting).

*After that, we said we’d have to call it quits. Although it’s only about 1,000 bottles of each wine - i.e. nothing in the grand scheme of things - it was still getting bigger than we’d initially anticipated. *

But then along came the vintage of the century in 2018 and we thought: we’ve got to do a still wine, to show the quality on that front too, and we think Pinot Noir is capable of great things in the UK, and we’d been tasting some amazing stuff from Essex…so we approached a winery there and hence the bottle you saw on the IG Live. Which we only just tasted for the first time in bottle, our precious Essex Pinot…and now we’re even more excited.

So that’s it really. We thought it would be fun, while we were making and maturing the wines, waiting for them to be ready, to involve people by asking them to suggest a name for the wines and a charity to support. So any suggestions on that front much appreciated. Again, people can use the link above and there’s a really short and easy form to fill in and submit if people have any ideas. I’m sure your inventive and altruistic members will certainly have things to say! Which we would really welcome.

If we do end up choosing someone’s name and/or charity, they will get a free selection of all the bottles. (The name Make English Wine Great Again…has yet to be suggested.)

Good luck everyone!