Sushi Suggestions

I’m off out to visit the parents next weekend and normally take a bottle of White and Red for them. My local fishmonger does amazing sushi so planning on taking a tray of that too.

So I’m after suggestions to go with the sushi… a red might be a push? But I’m sure you’ll have some fabulous suggestions for a nice white? It’s also mother’s day the week after so will stretch the budget to maybe £40… under would be better! :joy:

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Don’t know why, but for me sushi always brings a desire to drink a Grüner Veltliner. I think its zingy flavours complement sushi rather well.

The Society’s Exhibition one is excellent (mind you, the Society’s one is very good too!)

But if you wanted to splash out a little, this 2015 Bründlmayer, made from old vines, is absolutely beautiful, and currently reduced by £6!


I’ve had this red with Sashimi before and went great:

Alternatively, for a white this would be my go to:

As @Inbar suggested going with a Gruner, also great choice you could also go with an Albarino.

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How about a Rosé Champagne?

Should be a good match and also has the celebration factor!


Go Japanese?! This is nice, if a little expensive.


Chablis is what I usually try to get with sushi
Sancerre also pairs well

I saw this in Selfridges the other day and was intrigued - supposedly created just to pair with sushi and sashimi.


It’s an interesting wine - at least in concept (it’s sold in a local wine merchant near where I live - but I’m yet to try it).

The winemaker’s wife is Japanese, and I think because of the affinity of some Alsace wines and Asian food, there’s quite a lot of investment in the Asian market in general.

I’ll have to try it now! :roll_eyes:

If you do end up trying it, do let me know what you think. It seemed a curiosity. The whole pairing wine with food is intriguing - I love threads like this where everyone brings their own very particular experience to bear. Reading the suggestions makes me re-examine why I like what I like and what more I could and should be exploring -


It’s a promise! :+1::blush:
I have been eyeing it for some time, then again, I’ve been eyeing a lot of wines in that shop, so impossible to get them all.

I totally agree about expanding one’s choices when reading threads such as these! It’s so easy to get stuck into what we already know and love… I’m all for taking ‘risks’ with wine. It’s about as risky as I get! :grinning:

I’ve tried it! It’s a good wine - rounded by the pinot blanc, but also quite fragrant. Interestingly, they market it in France under the label “Copains-Copines” (roughly speaking, “best mates”), and abroad as “Gyotaku”, even though it’s the same wine.


Last time I had sushi, happened to get a bottle of Puligny 2006 knocked down to £15 and it was stunning…and the sushi was stunning…probably one of those things where it worked but wasn’t a match but wasn’t not a match if you see what I mean…but when the two components are singing together from similar but different hymn sheets…just enjoy the symphony!


As usual I’m not disappointed, thank you very much!!

That Grüner Veltliner is definitely getting in my basket, the Pinot noir already was!

How interesting that there is a dedicated sushi wine! I’ll have to keep a look out at the local shops, I love wine but can’t bring myself to go to the Trafford center to go to Selfridges… nothing is worth that pain!