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Survey, warning on how to answer

I received an email asking me to fill in a WS survey. The first question was, what was my most recent interaction. It did not list ‘collecting from showroom’ as one of the options, so I ticked ‘other’, and was immediately exited from the survey. So if you don’t exactly match one of the categories, don’t say ‘other’: choose one at random if you want to be able to participate in the survey

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Maybe the rest of the questions aren’t relevant if you collected?

Sorry to be a bore but by saying you did something you didn’t just to answer the questions you’re probably not going to be helping TWS gather quality data.


No. It said there would be an opportunity to comment, and I did not have this.

That’s fair comment. But I go with @matedw’s observation that the survey was most likely trying to find out information on something like delivery experiences which collectors would not have. In fact, whatever the options other than “other” were, those are likely to be what TWS wants to know about.


these are automated systems so can just kick you out.

if you do have a comment (positive or negative)on your last interaction, email member services

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Hi @SPmember,

This has been picked up on by our marketing team and Charlotte (who runs the surveys) wanted me to pass this message on:

Thank you for your feedback, and I’m sorry you weren’t able to take part in the survey on this occasion. For this research we’re specifically looking for members who have recently (in the last ten days) interacted with our member services team, visited our website or received a delivery. We are always looking to improve our interactions with members and therefore, from the comments you have provided, I have made some changes to the survey to explain why members selecting ‘other’ at the first screen are screened-out of the survey, and to provide them with an opportunity to leave any comments they may have. If you have any comments that you would like to be included in the research then please do pass these on.

If you did want to pass feedback on and would rather do that privately, I’d be happy for you to send me a Direct Message?

Best wishes,