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Survey on virtual events

Another survey today, this time on which virtual events we like, use, want, etc.

There is an implication that TWS will continue to use platforms such as Instagram which some of us refuse to use, so it I hope that others will make it clear that any events should be on open platforms.


I support that proposition.

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Which open platforms do you propose?


by “open platforms” do you mean ones where anyone can view and not just members - effectively content behind a firewall ?

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I mean ones open at least to all members of the WS, so NOT Instagram, Facebook etc. I see no reason not to allow non-members of the WS to watch and learn. 67 Pall Mall has certainly gained some friends from this policy

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Instagram and Facebook are open to all - it’s up to you to decide if you want to use them.

Im sure the marketing team will understand their demographic from each social media platform and will adapt to these to ensure they too gain friends (members)

So what platforms do you suggest ?


Aren’t they all on YouTube?


The Survey suggests a range of platforms to be considered for the future.

No, they are not open. They require log ins. You may choose to do this.

Only if you sign up to them. Faceache stops one viewing content unless you create an account. The antithesisis of what the internet is about. Faceache own Instagram.

I support @SPmember proposal


do what many do by using a junk email address, meaningless account name and don’t post - just view

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I certainly have no intention of signing up to any additional social media platforms. Even with “dummy accounts”. If anything, I will be closing accounts that I already have.

I have no problems with logging in per se - just logging in to give even more data to companies that take liberties with privacy, and use all means possible to “engage” with its users to increase ad revenue.


Just completed my survey. There is a specific question regarding this. Surely it is for people to make their own minds up, rather than trying to persuade them to answer how you’d like them to? I don’t use Facebook and indicated that in my answer. I’m sure TWS can take account of the results of the survey and proceed accordingly.


The ones that we perceive as more open (e.g. The google owned YouTube or new kid on the block Zoom) harvest just as much personal information as either Facebook or Instagram. Just because you don’t need to explicitly log into Youtube, does not mean it’s not tracking your personal data in exactly the same way (and if you use gmail, you will actually be logged in to YouTube as well). When “just enter your email address” without an explicit account creation for Zoom doesn’t mean you’re not actually creating an account.

While I 100% respect your choice to not use Facebook owned products, I don’t agree that the other options are any more open or non-proprietary.


Confused? Which platforms are open and don’t harvest data? So which would TWS use?

That’s largely true, but it still smacks of just giving up and going home.

It may not make much practical difference now, but I’d still be in favour of all content the Society (and anyone else) puts out not requiring a login to anything except the Wine Society (and working without scripting, not requiring any non Society cookies, etc, etc). It potentially allows people who really care to develop things which act as more genuinely incognito browsers (obscuring the machine’s performance data, etc).


I have a huge problem with attitudes around this. What does ‘open’ mean? Someone said you have to log in, but you have to log in here.

TWS is a mutual society, yes, but it’s also a commercial organisation and, in this day and age, it would be hugely remiss of them to just ignore some parts of social media and only use others (this forum is social media). Personally I don’t much use facebook and don’t use Instagram at all, however I still feel TWS would be remiss to not squeeze as much commercial gain from them as possible.

There is nothing wrong with them doing stuff that will appeal to younger generations so long as they don’t abandon the older generations in the process. Currently I think they’re doing an excellent balancing job of it. Clearly the idea of the survey is to find out which platforms the majority of the members will prefer.

As far as I’m aware they all end up on youtube anyway so you can still view them after the event.


I think TWS are trying to appeal to a younger generation with these things and “Insta” is widely used and understood. There a fair chance of drawing in new members this way.

Also with the wine maker Zoom sessions, any platform has to be internationally used.


I choose not to use Facebook or Instagram but have no problem with TWS doing so. It all finds its way to YouTube eventually, and I’m in no particular hurry. The fact that it is posted on something you have to join makes no difference if it also becomes available on a platform you don’t, surely?

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Not entirely true.

Just like this Community, while if you want to take an active role (ie watch live/add a comment) you need to be logged in to (for example) Instagram, you can still watch the recordings after the event even if you’re not logged in.

You can also watch YouTube streams after the event without needing a YouTube account.

If we were proposing to put all events on social media, I’d understand objections - but we’d never do that. The fact is, over two-thirds of the UK uses social media so I don’t view it as controversial to host some of our events there, especially when you can view them without needing an account.

It’s up to the individual to pick and choose which platforms you wish to use - but while we have a large number of our members enthusiastically using social media, it makes sense to host events there as well as on other platforms.