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Support a young winemaker - Cady

Just got an email and duly added a couple of bottles of this Chenin to my basket.

Resilience has been required by all of us of late. For young Alexandre Cady in the Coteaux du Layon, the challenge was taken to a whole new level earlier this year when a devastating fire on his family property destroyed vineyards, winery and even bottled wine stocks, including the family’s personal cellar of older vintages made by his father, Philippe. Then, to add to that, the Anjou and Coteaux du Layon appellations were among those badly hit by damaging spring frosts.

Vin de France ‘Résilience’ Chenin Blanc, Alexandre Cady 2020 is a wine born of these unparalleled circumstances, but also of friendship and of a determination, by Alex and those who know him, that his natural affinity with the chenin blanc grape should continue to flourish.

Buy now for £9.95 per bottle

With the help of local friends who offered some of their own wines still in tank so that Alex could put together a blend he was happy to put his name to, and with a helping hand from us to get it into bottle, Résilience Chenin Blanc was born.

In a twist of irony, we were about to send Alex an order for two of his dry chenins and more of his lovely Coteaux du Layon when disaster struck. The personal resilience he displayed, by getting back out into the vineyards and by working with friends and colleagues to find wines he felt happy to bottle, was an inspiration. Committing up-front to buy this wine and offering it to you at the earliest opportunity was the best way we felt we could help.

I’m sure the South Africans won’t mind us borrowing their #drinkcheninblanc hashtag under the circumstances. Thank you for joining us to support Alex and his family if you can.

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I bought a case of this yesterday and added to the reserves. Plan to drink it within 2 years. They have a LOT of this wine, I suspect. At least 500 cases, if not more, but it’s for a good cause. These fires can bring economic ruin to a whole life’s work.


Have had this in the past. Very good price for the quality. I’ll pick up a bit of both at the end of the month for my next order!


Thank you for posting this: although I have bought Cady wines in the past, I haven’t had the email. And it doesn’t appear in latest offers. So the usual question: how does TWS decide how to publicise these offers?

Yes, it has been excellent in the past, and I have had some of their dry ones bought directly from the estate. Also good.

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We had this as the dessert wine at our wedding and still have a few bottles left - I have asked Members Services to ask if the estate would like a couple of bottles back to help rebuild library stocks. If they reply in the affirmative perhaps others might be in a position to do likewise? Just s thought!