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Supermarket wines


Hi all,

I just wanted to put up this topic as I just wanted to gauge opinions on some of the supermarket wines, currently (and partly due to this community) I have looked to shift my spending up a bit and bought a few more expensive wines at between £8 - £10. The wines I had did make me think about the wine and they were very enjoyable (listed below for an example) but I must be honest that we do sometimes buy some everyday drinking wines form supermarkets - I think its mainly due to being in a ‘buying mood’ whilst going round the supermarket so you simply add a bottle of two to the basket. I have however come across a few bargains, managed to pick up some Aglianico Del Vulture (DOCG) wine for I think £5 a bottle as part of a Sainsbury ‘Taste the difference’ range. My WSET training really did help with picking out that wine as I knew I enjoyed that grape and being DOCG for a fiver I wasn’t complaining - the wine itself was really quite good.

I think for us we usually look for wine that we know has been more expensive in the past or recognise the producer and then only really buy it when its down in price and we would only really look to buy supermarket wine for everyday drinking. I have however noticed that Waitrose cellar sometimes has a fine wine event and I have clocked that they usually drop the price of Chateau Musar - they are usually around £1-£2 more expensive than us but sometimes the offer brings the price down slightly below The Wine Society but I believe you have to buy multiple bottles.

Just wondering of what everyone thought of supermarket wines - do they have their place? Any hidden gems discovered?

Here are the 2 wines I enjoyed a couple of weekends ago:


I always keep my eye out…i saw tesco were doing a super(up)market own brand margaux at about 24 quid! If anyone knows of a supermarket own brand auslese or spatlese please do let me know :slight_smile:


I haven’t explored supermarket ranges beyond the £10 mark - I just figure that if I’m going to be buying a more serious bottle I will get better value for money from TWS or one of the specialist wine shops in the city. But for an easy drinking, spur of the moment thing, they have their place. I tend to really only look at their own brand stuff, rather than get involved in the Casillero del Diablo, Jacob’s Creek, Campo Viejo stuff, as I figure that’s where the value is most likely to be.

We have a Sainsbury’s round the corner from us, and buy the odd bit from there when the rack’s looking a little light. Their Taste The Difference range has some pretty good stuff, and they’re probably more successful with their white wines. We’ve enjoyed the TTD Languedoc white a lot, with that being my wife’s favourite for the last year or so. The TTD Soave, white Rioja, South African Chenin Blanc, Pecorino, Greco di Tufo (on sale at £8 currently), White Rhone and Awatare Valley Riesling are also worth a go.
The reds are generally less impressive, but there are a few in their TTD range that are quite good. I liked the Languedoc Red, Carmenere, and their Beaujolais, but that’s about it. They used to do a Marzemino that was really good for about £6, but it’s not in their list anymore, more’s the pity.

I’ve generally been quite impressed with what I’ve got from Aldi, but don’t find myself there often. Their Gavi and Aussie Riesling were both very enjoyable.

I used to live close to a Co-Op and found their range quite interesting. They have on occasion thrown up some incredible bargains too. I remember walking in one day about 3 years ago to see a few bottles of a 2007 Bordeaux called Chateau le Boscq in their clearance section for £7 a bottle, down from £20+. I bought one to take home and try that evening as I thought it might be good, and returned the next day to get the remaining 3 bottles on the shelf. One of the best clarets I’ve had over the last few years! Still got one in the garage waiting for the right moment… That stroke of luck has had me popping my head in from time to time on the off-chance of finding something incredible for a fiver, but it’ll probably never happen again!

I’m not much of a fan of Tesco’s wine range, but I do really like their Finest Chilean Merlot. It’s usually about £7, and is really good value for money.

I know Morrisons and Asda get good reviews for their wines, but I’ve not generally had much luck there. I’m going to put my criticism of Morrisons down partly to the Brighton store - it’s in a particularly rough part of town, the lighting is terrible and it’s just not a nice place to shop. Consequently I probably haven’t spent enough time looking around to land on something good. I haven’t lived close to an Asda for about 7 years, so have no idea what their selection’s like now, but I wasn’t impressed with it back then.

Waitrose and Marks and Spencer are a different breed, really. Their more modestly priced stuff tends to be good, and they offer a lot of variety. The last time I had a good look around in M&S I found wines from Georgia, Israel and India. Hats off to the buyers!


Lidl had a few gems a year or 2 ago - picked up Les Fiefs de Le Grange and Ch De la Riviere Fronsac, some cheapish Vidal Icewine, some variable Hungarians and Alsace. Far less interesting now, but will look again closer to Christmas!


Just popped into Asda this afternoon. Noticed a 2014 Vinsobres, I think from the local co-op in the region for £9.95. Had a look on the WS site and clocked the Jaume Altitude 420 2013 @ £9.50. No contest which one I would go for.
I should note that for the better CdR’s, at least for my taste, leaving them a bit longer does no harm at all. I have not got properly torn into my Guigal CdR 2012 yet. Ok, it is drinking, but not the way I know that it will. Finished my last bottle of the 2011 earlier this year, it was soooo good, it almost brought a tear to my eye.:cry: