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Super Tuscan wine fraud

Saw this in the Guardian over the weekend, and I know we’ve discussed similar cases so I thought I’d post it here.

Looks like fake Sassicaia this time!


I’ve seen that last week. Shocking!!
Provenance is everything when it comes to wine

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I know it’ll be destroyed, but I’d love to taste it side-by-side with the real thing. I’m fascinated as to whether they put any work in to it being a good wine, or if they just bank on people never actually drinking these sorts of investment wines any more.


I have '13 and '16 Sassicaia. I have every intention of drinking them but this did make me a bit nervous I have to say.

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Surely Supertuscan rather than Super Tuscan? Whose side are you on?


Apparently they used some reasonably good wine from Sicily, I thing this is big problem worldwide, and another good reason to buy via the WS to insure it comes direct from the produce.

When times are hard, even producers can participate in fraud. Austrians and anti-freeze, Germans and sugar etc. Maybe we can’t ensure absolute perfection in provenance? Work on the basis of 99.x% and enjoy the rogue ones for what they are!

Counterfeit wines is big business- take the case of Rudy Kurniawan
when the FBI raided his home they found 19 000 labels, dozens of empty bottles and even wine recipes.

In Italian apparently the mafia are offering loans to hard pressed restaurants to see them though COVID, maybe part of the business plan is to supply them with a super wine list in the future.


and I read in the FT some time ago that they are doing very well out of falsifying documentation. For example magically changing wine or olive oil to being organic so it can be sold at an inflated price.

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Yes, started typIng a couple of other examples of recent business activities, but your mention of Olive Oil got the better of me !

Sarah ‘the wine buyer’ - any chance you could buy some Fontodi Olive Oil for members ? sure it would sell out, if not a stall at Borough Market should do it :grinning:

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A while back I think a friend and I had a fake bottle of Tignanello take home/out from an Italian restaurant/deli in the UK.

It didn’t taste like a bottle fault but just standard super market stuff. The real Tignanello stuff is lovely imo. Have questioned whether our taste buds were off that night but…

Anyone else feel they have undergone something similar? It has bugged me for a while.

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