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Super expensive English sparkler


I see that there is a super premium English sparkler now being listed:

I guess no one has tasted it yet, but it seems pretty ambitious pricing. Just wondered what people thought.


Ambitious is the word… For people who are really into their extended lees ageing, three years is nothing. I suppose the single-vineyardiness will add something to the value, and Nyetimber would certainly be the best-placed to offer something like this, but I’m still a bit sceptical as to whether this will have many takers (though if numbers are truly limited, they won’t need many).


The 2010 was offered for £100 at Fortnum and Masons. Too expensive for me but the standard Nyetimber is to my mind priced at about the right level considering its quality, when compared to Champagne. I guess its pitched as a rival to various prestige cuvee Champagnes and I see no reason why it shouldn’t be at that quality level now.


I guess there are always diminishing returns with fine wine, but one hopes with something expensive it will be worth it for the experience delivered. This seems like a statement, rather than the usual reasons of super high demand and/or particularly expensive production costs.

My benchmark is is its about two and a half times

is it worth it.


Not the first English premium fizz. Check out the Chapel Down Kits Coty. A friend had it and while she enjoyed it, felt it was too young and said she’d probably spend the money on Krug next time…


Think I’d go for the Hambledon premiere

When it’s got 25% off at Waitrose


Yes - a bargain.


I’d recommend http://www.greatbritishwine.com/wines/hoffmann-rathbone-blanc-de-blancs-2010/ if you can lay hands on it.