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Sun's out, must be time for a Rosé


As the weather warms up and the ever lasting winter disappears (FINALLY), I for one am looking forward to popping open some nice rosé wine in the garden while relaxing watching the kids play (or attempt to drown each other).
These are what I’m currently thinking of for over the summer, but looks like a number of them are no longer available.



Some Marsannay Rosé,

What Rosé wines would you recommend for summer bbqs and outdoor living?? I need some more inspiration.


Timely topic - though no Helium star to be seen over Brighton today! Still, summer is a’coming - so here are my old/current favourites:
From Majestic- we love their new Porta 6 rosé from Lisboa:
And also this old favourite:
This Italian sparkling is fun:
And this Bobal from M&S is excellent value for money

And of course, can’t forget the home team… Love this one:

I adore the Tavel from TWS, but other than another rosé (the Basilicata) which didn’t leave a huge impression - I haven’t yet bought any other WS rosé… So forgive the lack of recommendations… :grinning::wine_glass::sun_with_face:


Im with @inbar - the Tavel is fantastic. Definitely more serious than your average summer rose in my opinion. For a cheapish crowd pleaser, you can’t go wrong with the Duo des Plages. It’s absolutely delicious!


I do like the Minuty, had quite a bit in France last year :+1:. Time to get some of that I think thanks :pray:


Thanks @Bargainbob, straight in the basket :wink:


In my basket at the moment:

If this is as good as previous vintages then its a good buy. Pineau D’aunis does give a distinctive peppery edge that means it copes well with spicy food and well as salmon or trout.

This is also in the basket because I’ve never had a bad wine from Von Kesselstatt, something to sip on a hot day I think.


That Spätburgunder is right up my Strasse! How did I miss it?!! It’s so going in the next order!! :grin:


and there I was thinking, right, I have two bottles of rosé in the rack… that should last the summer… and then this gets mentioned


Where is this “sun” of which you speak?



Surprisingly its out, albeit a little hazy in Newcastle upon Tyne… for once we don’t have the bracing winds of the north sea…:wink:


Has anyone tried this?

It is normally quite a nice drop for outside.
Not had the current vintage but it is worth a try
It’s sunny up in Aberdeen too :sunglasses:


You really shouldn’t tempt fate by putting up a post regaling the arrival of summer, it has just started to rain heavily here and the temperature has dropped :rofl:


Back on Tuesday (at least in the South East). Whether one can trust the BBC forecast is another matter…


…for a few hours they say. Ive put it in the diary…


Well glad it’s nice where you are Leah! Not rose weather in Southampton today, quite the opposite. Just frozen in a field for two hours with a cold saxophone playing in a band at a steam festival. It got colder and colder then started to rain heavily and I wished I was wearing my fingerless gloves brr. Now back home warming up and thinking about a nice hot cuppa!

However it WILL be warming up so rose a good idea just not today :gloves::closed_umbrella:

I have enjoyed this one from TWS over the years

A rarity, a Bordeaux wine under screwtop. Lovely stuff.


Certainly up for Minuty whenever possible. Shame this isn’t available as we drank our last three bottles with friends last weekend whilst enduring 27oC heat in the garden. There is something about that pale salmon colour and the glint it gives in the sun…
Off to Nice next month and can’t wait to binge on Rose wines and Fenocchio ice creams.


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There was a time when my answer to this would always be ‘Domaine Houchart’ but TWS stopped stocking them :frowning:

So instead the answer is:

But I’ve also enjoyed