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Summer time is running out ... literally


Just came across this article:

What do you think about this decision?

I think it would suit me just fine but I think my wife (who hates dark mornings) would disagree.

Interesting that it could possibly end up with Spain joining Portugal and the UK on GMT


As far as I know they were reviewing the poll on this today?? But I could be wrong. Its interesting, especially for those living further north but I think its good for business if the majority of Europe is on the same time.


That’s actually always been an argument for us going to European time which I’d be happy with as it would mean longer evenings throughout the year. However parents in the North tend to disagree as they are unhappy with children going to school in the dark.


Not sure which is worse, going to school in the dark or coming home in the dark…:roll_eyes:


Ah but you see kids come home from school earlier than most of us so even in winter they’d still be pretty much coming home in the light. I believe it is purely the morning school run that is the issue. Though, of course, I could be completely wrong never having had kids it’s not something I’m very familiar with! :smiley:


Didn’t we trial something different with the clocks in the early seventies? I vaguely remember having to walk to school in Hi Viz stuff. I do quite like the idea of being on Summer time and then going forward another hour in the Summer, but the northern Scot’s will have light Til after midnight.


Would this apply to the UK post Brexit? I presume the UK would be free to choose to carry on as now or change as per the above.


The arguments on this have been going on for decades, as far as the UK is concerned this biggest obstacle has always been the objection by Scottish farmers over the daylight change, complete nonsense of course as anyone who knows anything about how farmers operate it is simply the daylight hours it is not governed by clock time.
And as we cope with different European times with no real problems, Scotland could always have their own time zone.
The school run ‘problem’ has also been looked into many times, the facts are that accidents in dark evenings top the figures for dark mornings, something to do with tiredness at the end of the day.


Change it by half and hour and be done with it.


The other reason I don’t give much credit to the school problem is how many young kids actually walk to school nowadays!


Mine must certainly do & in the snow they’re on a sledge :wink:.