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Summer Tastings & Events 2019


Me again! Is anyone going to the Australia and Rhone tasting in Lewes next Tuesday? If so, would be nice to say hello… :smile:


Can’t help with the Lewes one as it’s a little far for me. And there’s finally one coming up in Aberdeen but… guess what, I’ll be down south at that time!

I am planning on a couple whilst I’m down south (sort of). There’s a Bordeaux vertical masterclass happening in Stevenage on the 17th October and as that’s round about when I’m heading south for the autumn anyway so I might try and arrange to stop off on my way down.

Then there’s a Roam the Rhone tutored tasting on the 10th of December in Tunbridge wells which is shortly before I go back north and not so very far away from Redhill where I’m staying down south.

Sorry @Inbar, but the Brighton Alsace one isn’t going to really rock my boat I’m afraid!


Oh my- have only just seen this thanks to you! Going to book ASAP!! :+1::+1::smile:

Shame won’t be seeing you there, but hope you get to go to the events you mentioned :grinning:


Thought that one would be up your street. (literally and figuratively) :smiley:


Indeed! All booked now… something to look forward to pre-Xmas! :grin:


I am just about to book the South America Growers walk around tasting in September, handily it is on a Monday… so can do a BYOB at Hawksmoor just down the street afterwards…

BYOB dinner at Hawksmoor Guildhall on 23 September 2019 after the South America tasting

Count me in!! :grinning:

Edit: hmm… It’s the first day of term at work… But should be able to work something out, I think :thinking:


Oh you lucky lot!! … Newcastle’s sole offering this year is “If you like that, try this” Walkaround of 20 undisclosed wines …. honestly!!


No tutored tastings or dinners in my part of the world either (Lincoln/Nottingham/ Leicester). Just one walk around in Nottingham. Very disappointing…


Just catching up with this again, and see that there appears to be nothing at all in Glasgow/Edinburgh in Q4, on top of nothing in Q3! What’s going on?

The Glasgow Pinot Noir tasting seemed well attended and Edinburgh sold out. These were the last ones back in April.


I agree. It would be nice to see a few more events in Glasgow. The Pinot Noir evening was grand!


I have a ticket to the South Africa tasting too, would be lovely to dine with you guys afterwards


I’ll take that as an invitation Akos. Ticket for South America tasting booked. :grin:


We have one near us in Leeds (30 miles away) - the Spain grower’s tasting in York. All the others require time off work to get to and back. The cost of the train, accommodation and the ticket makes it cheaper just to buy wine for at home! Even in an airbnb it would be a £150 round trip at least!

I think it may just be easier to move to London. I would’ve loved to have gone to the South American tasting!

Quick tot up of locations in Q4
South 17
London 10
Midlands 2
North & Scotland (Everywhere north of Notts) 7

So 27 in the South, 9 Everywhere else.

If this is genuinely the distribution of TWS members then fair enough but if not then I’m sure I echo everyone who isn’t a southerner in saying “What is going on?”


I think I’ll create a topic… to see how many people, but I am definitely going.


South America… South Africa is already sold out…


Hi @Laura did you manage to get any data on the regional breakdown of members please?


Only one in Scotland for the whole of H2 2019.

Apart from anything else, it’s not exactly the way to expand your membership profile geographically…


I didn’t, sorry! It’s not something we can easily attain and although I did enquire I think it might take a while to put together, and things are pretty hectic with the launch of the new site! But it’s still very much on my list and I’ll chase it up for you. :smiley:

Just wanted to highlight we are actually in Scotland twice in Q4 - we’re taking the If You Like That, Try This tasting to Aberdeen and Glasgow in November! :smiley:

I do appreciate your frustrations - there’s a lot of members who’d like to come to tastings, but our Tastings team has until now been surprisingly small (only five staff covering the planning and hosting of our entire tastings programme across the UK! I honestly think they work miracles!) - but I’m pleased to say the team is currently recruiting a couple of new members and there’ll be more on that pretty soon. :slight_smile:

Until then, we’re continuing to reach as much of the UK as possible every year to give members a fair chance of attending a tasting.


I find it hard to believe that a database analysis by postcode can’t be done quite simply…accepting that there will be quite a lot of inactive members. Alternatively, the deliveries data can surely give a pretty good idea where sales are going geographically?

That’s a bit better, I could have sworn that the Glasgow date wasn’t in the Tastings calendar yesterday as I checked twice, and did think it was a bit odd that there was one solitary one in Aberdeen. However, two tastings for the same theme is still not a lot out of a total of well over fifty events in the second half of 2019.

If the geographic profile of members/sales doesn’t warrant any more then please tell us, but it seems that this information is still not available…