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Summer Tastings & Events 2019


Just catching up with this timetable. It’s disappointing to note that there are none at all in Scotland over the summer months, and indeed only one in the northern half of the UK, in Durham. I appreciate that I’m talking geographical area, not population, but still, for those in Scotland, NE and NW England this isn’t great. Yes I know there are a couple in Sheffield and Liverpool but that is closer to London than it is to Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The events I’ve been at in Scotland have been quite well attended too. Best time of year to be up here too!


Well you are not alone, in the east of England just one small cooking and wine event in August and one later, September in Ipswich, it could just be that these regions do not justify the expense of putting on an event, I could not attend last years Rioja event in Norwich because I was away in Provence so have no knowledge of how that one was attended.

Yet Lay & Wheeler when it was a family firm used to put on tastings in Essex and Suffolk towns and villages that did attract decent numbers, so ?


We had a very similar question in the AMA yesterday and Liz had what I hope you’ll find a promising answer:

The Tastings team really are branching out more and more so I hope there’ll be more options for you as we go forward.


@laura I will wait and see…Liz’s definition of North appears to be North of England and not UK. That comment is not likely to go down well up here! Not sure I would describe it as a ‘promising’ answer, except maybe in a very literal sense!

If there is a record of poorly attended events in Scotland in the summer then do tell. All I can say is that the ones I’ve been at in the winter months have been quite well attended.


I asked the question @MarkC which promoted Liz’s reply. I noted there are 5 in total for the whole of 2019, it would be interesting to see how this figure compares pro-rata with membership.


@laura can we get a published map of the membership ready for the agm. It would be very interesting to see the geography of tws. It would also be good to see if the comments above (i include my previous comments in this too) are valid. Is the north under represented or are the members all down south? It has been a bone of contention on these pages for some time and I think that it would be an excellent exercise in transparency and events strategy going forward. Interested to hear your thoughts on this :blush:


Yeah! I’d love to see some interactive graphs like this on the website generally. Where members are from; order data; demographics; historical data; the yearly ebb and flow (rose sales throughout the year for example!). I’d alos like to see it for my own purchases.


Indeed John, though you are getting two more than us at least! Also, given that 80% of Scotland’s population is in the Central Belt with two of the UK top 10 cities there, I would have thought there would be demand.

I also would be interested to see a regional breakdown of WS membership/orders, and perhaps there is a need to promote it more in the regions?


Let me get back to you on this, guys! :smiley:


I think we must be near eachother, I’ve not made it to any in the east either due to commitments but would definitely like to. Stevenage is just that bit too far away to easily get a train back from for late finishing events.


One of the delights of Norwich is that it is cut off from the rest of the country, no motorways etc, but getting to anywhere else such as Stevenage is a no no, even popping in en route to Twickenham to see my ill sister reminded me of what a trek it is, in many ways it is the penalty you pay for living in such an area.
Yet again I refer back to L&W in those days who held full house tastings and dinners in Colchester which is way outside the London M25 bubble, only TWS can say if these outlier events are worth putting on ? I fully accept that if they are not then so be it.


I fully appreciate that TWS must find the wilds of Norfolk a bit strange, isolated, desolate, and not without strange folk, I can fully understand them not wishing to take the chance…


Is anyone else from the community going to be in the Eat Your Greens dinner in Stevenage next Thursday?

If so, will be nice to say hello! :wave: :grinning:


Me again! Is anyone going to the Australia and Rhone tasting in Lewes next Tuesday? If so, would be nice to say hello… :smile:


Can’t help with the Lewes one as it’s a little far for me. And there’s finally one coming up in Aberdeen but… guess what, I’ll be down south at that time!

I am planning on a couple whilst I’m down south (sort of). There’s a Bordeaux vertical masterclass happening in Stevenage on the 17th October and as that’s round about when I’m heading south for the autumn anyway so I might try and arrange to stop off on my way down.

Then there’s a Roam the Rhone tutored tasting on the 10th of December in Tunbridge wells which is shortly before I go back north and not so very far away from Redhill where I’m staying down south.

Sorry @Inbar, but the Brighton Alsace one isn’t going to really rock my boat I’m afraid!


Oh my- have only just seen this thanks to you! Going to book ASAP!! :+1::+1::smile:

Shame won’t be seeing you there, but hope you get to go to the events you mentioned :grinning:


Thought that one would be up your street. (literally and figuratively) :smiley:


Indeed! All booked now… something to look forward to pre-Xmas! :grin:


I am just about to book the South America Growers walk around tasting in September, handily it is on a Monday… so can do a BYOB at Hawksmoor just down the street afterwards…

BYOB dinner at Hawksmoor Guildhall on 23 September 2019 after the South America tasting

Count me in!! :grinning:

Edit: hmm… It’s the first day of term at work… But should be able to work something out, I think :thinking: