Summer Memories - share your photos

Well, despite the warm weekend, it is apparent that the summer is over. Even the the sun and blue sky had an autumnal feel. I looked at the garden and really couldn’t face tidying it as I knew it was unlikely we’d be heading out there together anytime soon.

It made me a bit nostalgic for the summer holidays, and I came across some photos taken from the balcony of a cottage in Nova Scotia where we sat out, drinking wine and eating BBQ food with our family.

What photo represents your summer best? Feel free to share here


Summer was whisky-fuelled with a week spent on mull and island-hopping to see some lovely wildlife as well as taking in oban and tobermory distilleries including a fabulous extended tasting

This was on a visit to lungar and staffa which housed over 4000 of these lovelies…

We also saw a golden eagle in full flight and acrobatic contest with 2 hooded crows which was spectacular!!


I’ve just got back from a week in Tenerife which was my last hurrah to summer and full of delicious traditional tapas, copious sangria and breathtaking scenery. The absolute standout for me was seeing beautiful, docile pilot whales and playful dolphins on a boat trip; we also saw turtles but they didn’t want to hang around to pose for photos!


Fantastic photos. I’ve tried to get close in order to see puffins before in Wales, but was hampered by bad weather. Great photo.

Love the sea action too, reminds me of fun times fishing with my kids.

Really missing summer now


Spent a couple of days in Kagoshima, also known as the Naples of Japan, because of the small volcano that’s across the harbour.

Tried some Koshu that was on lees and also a botrytised Muscat-Furmint! :smiley:

Meanwhile, the days are short and the nights are long…


My first visit to the Algarve (Lagos). Stunning scenery, fab weather, great fish, pasteis de nata and stupidly cheap excellent wine.


I’ll go with this snap I took on the promenade at Roses, Catalonia on the first day of a wine tour where we visited Emporda and Rousillon wineries. It was the first of many Catalan flags seen that week, and wine flowed freely…good times!


I’ve loved seeing such beautiful photos of your summer adventures! Ours was a relatively quiet one thanks to the acquisition of these two:

We only got Digby (the chocolate one) in June and he wasn’t allowed on walks until almost August, so we spent a fun summer at home. But they’re so worth it!

We did have one pretty fantastic day, when we went to the Athletics championships and saw Usain Bolt’s final 100m:

We had a lovely view of the 100m start line and it was one of the most atmospheric moments of our lives.

We got a late-summer holiday to our spiritual homeland of Brancaster, Norfolk. The dogs very much enjoyed their time on the beach, as did we!


Here’s my brother enjoying some quiet reflection after the Mangialonga event in Piedmont:

And wife, daughter and niece enjoying some fun at the seaside in Hove:


Umbria. Monte Lagello 0630. Sunrise note carved dragon…

Arnaldo Caprai’s wines really should be on Society’s list…


Wine Butler :+1::joy:…! Camping on the Sâone, just south of Beaune !