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Summer list

Beware: sniping alert:

The summer list just arrived. I find the ordering of wines by what someone at TWS thinks is their ‘style’ very unhelpful. It is impossible to find, for example, a particular grape or country (I know I can do this on line but I assume the printed lists are for people who prefer to search in hard copy). Some of the wines falling in the same classification would surprise anyone relying on it (white Rioja and sweet Coteaux du Layon are both under ‘full bodied and rich’, presumably because they couldn’t be bothered to have a ‘sweet’ classification).

And although I have never been very convinced by the idea we should change all our drinking habits for summer or winter, I do find putting heavy reds first on a summer list surprising.


I had a flip through but prefer the older style of list.

I hope these will come back eventually?

I don’t think this is sniping.

I think this is a fair comment reasonably put forward. I think the sniping issues were more around things getting slightly personal in responses rather than being about the discussion. I’ve not actually received the summer list yet, but from what you’ve described I am already inclined to agree with you.


Mine came today and I was a little confused by it but I don’t think this is the same as the main list, no? Unless there’s been a change in direction or perhaps it’s a covid thing. On the website this list is described as an offer and, while it’s quite a lot longer than usual offers, most of the ones that come through are structured in this way. Perhaps the main list can’t be produced right now so this is a kind of in-between? No idea, as there wasn’t anything else in the envelope to explain it! Maybe @laura can help.

I’m not a fan of the ‘by style’ type list (though one of my favourite localish merchants, run by a really good MW, is in that format). I guess for a novice it is quite a useful way to get ideas for wider drinking based on proximity of wines you already like to others in a similar mould. if you are an involved and knowledgeable consumer I think that the style approach is frustrating. I hope it is just an offer (and given it’s only 250 wines I suspect it is) in which case then I’m not really fussed.

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Asking as someone who’s not gotten it yet (the post here was pretty atrocious in the before times), is it a list or is in an offer that they’ve called a list.

I think the full list should be an actual list, but offers by style/type/season et cetera I really like (although the TWS ones are usually better put together than what @SPmember has described).

It is much longer than an ‘offer’ (of the type recently sent for Italian, for example), but shorter than a ‘list’. It is 44 pages, and according to the cover ‘over 250’ wines, so probably all we are going to have as a summer list? TWS to confirm, please?

It includes some up to £42, so a rather mixed selection in terms of prices.

It’s kind of not one or the other. Looks a bit like a list, but called an offer. Really it’s just a very big offer, but without the regular full summer list as well, it feels a bit weird.

its probably trying to cater for as many tastes as possible. It wouldnt surprise me if less wine was purchased during the lockdown. People whose salaries are being paid by the government under the fulough scheme might wonder if they will have a job at the end of lockdown. That must influence their spending at this time. I have found during lockdown i have not spent much . Because i have not been going away or going out for meals.

I have no specific evidence for this, but have been assuming that TWS have less wine to offer at the moment (covid shipping issues, plus not shipping in high summer?), and that the offers we’re seeing are much reduced as a result. The total number of wines on offer on the website at the moment is the lowest I can recall, by several hundred, in 15 or so years membership. That doesn’t bother me, except as a ‘first world problem’, but not much point in putting out a full summer list which is almost entirely the same wines that have already been listed for several months?


Haven’t seen it yet but i really hate every attempt to classify wine by style that I’ve seen.

Still, I guess we are but a small minority and we’ll just have to scour the list by producer and region to find what we want. Can only presume the marketing people know what they’re doing (though my tendency is to doubt it). The only (and very much first world, admittedly) issue is that some interesting new stuff will fall through the radar. But hey…

Obviously up to people with the patience to go through it to flag any interesting new ones.

The new ones are still highlighted aren’t they? I assumed that’s what the blue shading meant anyway!

No, it’s the own label wines which are highlighted.

Ahh OK. You can tell I’ve studied it closely :smile:

Definitely an offer rather than a formal listing, and not as comprehensive. The give-away is on the last page where is states that “this offer is available until…”:grin: Mind you, the closing date is in October so maybe there is something different about this ‘offer’…:thinking: It has certainly provoked quite a reaction.

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I don’t like the grouping by style, but the standard quarterly list is by country/grape.

This is a promotion of wines on that list (I don’t think there are any new wines or wines only available in the promotion).

TWS had to mail out the AGM notice and made good uses of the cost of postage to include a reminder of wines. It may encourage members who see a wine there that they like to buy ones bracketed in the same category.

My mixing regions it also gives a chance to see wines one may not come across when concentrating on specific regions in the standard list.

So, I’m not bothered.

As for the reds, yes I think of wine promoted for summer as being white or pink… but some of the reds are perfect with a barbecue - and what’s more summery than a barbecue?


I suppose if I’m going to choose wine based on words alone, the words in the headings that sit atop the words in the descriptions don’t really matter to me.

On the other hand, I think the sheer blandness of the layout inside the covers borders on criminality. /s

There is a “Summer drinking by style” offer currently on till 11 October. There is a bit of a giveaway in the name…

Assuming this was in the post:

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