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Summer Fine Wine Tasting


I had a great evening yesterday (but very warm) pouring at the Summer Fine Wine tasting in London. As well as being able to chat to members I do love working at tastings as it means I get to try wines that I ordinarily wouldn’t buy or be able to afford and tonight was no exception. It was so hot I didn’t feel like any reds but in no particulare order these are the ones that stood out for me :clinking_glasses::champagne:

Definitely out of my price range so a real treat; rich and buttery.

Really nice, clean citrus but creamy brioche flavours there too.

The colour of this was as though someone had melted down a load of Haribo lips and mixed them with Tizer but the wine was perfectly dry and full-flavoured and made me want to be tucking in to some barbecued prawns at the same time.

Was anyone else at the tasting or going tonight in Lewes?


Thanks for posting this. I’ve not been a TWS fine wine tasting … now I see what I’ve been missing out on I’ll keep an eye out !


After reading your review, @catherine I am increasingly regretting my decision not to get a ticket for tonight’s tasting! I’m with @danchaq - I need to make sure I get to a fine wine tasting soon.


Wow,@Catherine! This is such a fab selection. I am going to the Lewes summer fine wine events this evening- will you be there?
The list they sent through is packed with gorgeous looking wines, and wines that I wouldn’t normally buy - so really excited about trying it all!! :heart_eyes:


I won’t unfortunatley but have a great time!


Thanks for the review, @catherine! :smiley: That rose looks very much my kind of thing.

From the looks of the list of wines at the event on our website, there was a white Rhone too - did you get a chance to try it? The description sounds a bit good…

Looking forward to hearing what you think after tonight, @Inbar! :smiley:


I shall report back, for sure. If I’m still able to think coherently, that is!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I did! It was very good but for some reason I kept going back to the Meursault…


As mentioned in my other post, the evening was wonderful! So well run, friendly and informal, and a chance to taste a fantastic array of wines. Was really nice to see @Tim_S again, and got to chat to the lovely @annaspooner - who was friendly and interesting. As we were leaving, I ran into an old Professor of mine from Sussex - I haven’t seen him for 23 years!! It was wonderful to speak to him again. He really got me into Chaucer and Middle English… felt like the cherry on the cake seeing him again.
I just wanted to mention a few more fabulous wines, which felt a privilege to be able to taste and assess:

Young, but delicious Barbaresco. Perfumed, with kick-ass tannins, that are nevertheless quite smooth. Meant for food, for sure.


Strangely, the other half preferred their Classic Cuvee! But I thought this one was beautiful- complex, weighty and serious.

Hubby’s favourite rose of the evening…

Quite an understated Viognier, but still floral and honeyed on the nose; luscious ripe stone fruit on the palate, with a long finish.

There was also a beautiful Spätlese from J J Prüm, but I can’t find it on the website. It was delectable, ripe and fruity but with a lively acidity.

Thanks WS for organising such a fun evening! :+1::+1::champagne:


Sounds like a fabulous evening, and great notes too, thank you for sharing them with us. Was the spatlese this one? I think it will be going in my basket on my next order!


Ah, no - it wasn’t this one actually. Here are the details from the list:

10. ○ [5] Graacher Himmelreich Spätlese, Joh Jos Prüm 2012
JJPrum own just 8.5 hectares of the Himmelreich vineyard, the origins of this intense and
mineral German riesling, with vibrant racy fruit and lovely aftertaste of fresh ripe peachy fruit.
Drink now to 2030. 9%
ref GE8231 £22.00 bottle £264 dozen

… though the one you posted looks and sounds just as good. Firmly in the wishlist! :+1::grinning:


I haven’t tried either but the Classic cuvee does come out on top in many reviews, so hubby may be on to something !


Ah! he’ll be interested to hear re reviews! He’s a bit synesthesic, so when I asked him what he perceived when he tasted it he said ‘earwax’. Similarly, there are some specific hops he finds to ‘feel’ like earwax. I have no idea what he’s talking about- but apparently this is quite a common sensation for him.
I, on the other hand LOVED it… :smiley:


I’m particularly interested in our the Tatty made you speechless @Inbar . I’ve got some 2008 that I bought during a weak moment and half of me was only yesterday thinking of bringing the first of the bottles out to play. The other half of me was scolding myself how pedestrian to have purchased a Grand Marque when there’s things like the Hambledon about…