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Suitable topics for discussion on the community forum. Where do we go from here?

This is a wine community first and foremost, many many other topics are discussed here too and members get involved in all manor of topics but again I’ll reiterate this is a wine community at the very core.
So therefore I’m confused why you would say this:

whilst in the same breath say "

genuine question, if you’re not interested in wine and think so poorly of us all, why are you here??


I really don’t want to bring it back to the discussion points from before, I think it would be great if we could move on. However I would respectfully challenge your comments here. From the various posts it seems to be that you make reference to holding right of centre or Tory views more than anyone else. All views are welcome and encouraged here but it would be good the express those views rather than keep saying people won’t like the view. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and hope to read more over time but please stop being concerned by what people might think, you may be surprised how much you have in common with many people on this community.

Also, haven’t spacesuits been designed to deal with farts? I’m sure there is a way of stopping them from causing problems for the astronauts.

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That’s a little presumptuous, isn’t it?

In any case, I for one would like to hear exactly those views on exactly those topics - we all know that one of the biggest problems with online discourse of that nature is that everybody’s partitioned off into like-minded groups nowadays, and never hear from (or sometimes even conceive of) other perspectives. But it’s exactly that kind of dialogue that I think we all need.

Also, you did join a wine community after all. It’s hard to be surprised that that’s the primary topic of discussion here!



Whine forum perhaps?

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Bit harsh! I’ve a very positive attitude to life. Maybe just have a tendency to go off on one a bit. Oversensitive I’ll put my hand for as well. But hey ho we’re off thread now. I’ll leave you to it. Nowt else to say on the thread topic I’m afraid. The long term parameters of topic threads are for you to decide.

Where in Yorkshire are you?

I’ve been to several Q&As with astronauts and this always gets asked. Suits, yes. Shuttles/Capsules/The ISS less so, unfortunately.

Edit: for a bit of a flex

Helen Sharman
Neil Armstrong (really!)
Jim Lovell
Gene Cernan
Tim Peak


Surely it would only be a problem if it was somebody else’s fart anyway. We all like the smell of our own.


Watched “First Man” the other night, an interesting study of Neil Armstrong.

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I’m very jealous!


How were the 2 bottles of the Vina Ardanza 2012 you took to your sister’s? I bought 6 recently from Majestic but yet to broach one. Great value wine, Vina Ardanza!


The weirdest was Helen Sharman. She’s a chemist by trade and got a job at the National Physical Laboratory as head of something or other, while I was working there. I had to show her around my bit of the lab.

The others were more structure talk/meet and greet type things.


Indeed, more suited to the steak. Sounds like a good evening and just as well you didn’t have all that noise bright and early the next morning.

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As we often do, ended the night watching the Mick Miller Noddy skit on YouTube. Well worth watching. Sometimes it’s Tina Turner proud Mary live or the queen performance at live aid.
Edit, Mick Miller, The royal variety performance is the one to watch

Have you tried the makers other wines? They make the Society’s Exhibition Rioja which is well worth a try, although I’ve not tried the latest vintage yet.


I can send you 2 covid infected kids if you want… return when you’ve had enough of them :crazy_face:


I might be wrong here (and happy to be contradicted), but I don’t think @Leah will mind at all… :upside_down_face: :rofl:


Casualty rate might be unacceptable.

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I sort of sense what you’re doing, many thanks.
The return of the prodigal son?

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